Bill & Ben Unlikely Hero Concept

Bill & Ben

Description: Bill & Ben the mischievous twin have came to cause trouble, by using their truck, trick and while using a rock slide for their advanced. These twin are unstoppable to be beaten.

Quote: ‘‘Bill and Ben are the most mischievous engine working on the fat controller railway, they are kept busy pushing and pulling trucks up and down, the line that run from the china clay works to the harbour yard’’
Star: :star:
Role: Damage
Position: Frontline
Trial Team: Yellow


Entrance: Bill and Ben appear on the field, as both engines look at each other with a mischievous grin and then look at the enemies.

Victory: Ben grin at the enemies, while Bill laughed at the enemy-line non stop.

Defeat: Bill angrily look at the enemies, while Ben look down on his buffer with a sad expression.


Basic Attack: Bill and Ben will each take turn bumping into the enemy with their buffer dealing X Normal Damage.

White Skill: Alarming Rock Slide:
An alarm will be heard from a distance as rocks start to fall on all enemies dealing X Fantastic Damage and apply a debuffs base on their Role:

Damage Role: Are Snare for 6 seconds.

Tank Role: Are Scare for 20 seconds.

Support Role: Are Sap for 15 seconds.

Control Role: Decrease their Tenacity by 35% for 10 seconds.

Green Skill: China Truck Run:
Two 4-Plank Truck fill Clay appears in front each of the twin, so the twins process to drive across the enemy-line dealing X Fantastic Damage, applying X Reality Decreasing for 8 seconds and stunning them for 4 seconds.

The Stun have a chance to fail on enemies above level Y.

Blue Skill: Bashing Unison:
Every 6 basic attacks, Both Bill & Ben in unison wind back to then Bash the enemy, dealing X Normal Damage and Knocking them back.

Purple Skill: Mischievous Engines:
“Alarming Rock Slide” now apply damage over time dealing X Damage over 10 seconds to enemies, After using “Alarming Rock Slide” Bill & Ben gain a 55% chance to dodge all attacks for 5 seconds.

Enemy damage by “Bashing Unison” have all Buffs damage and remove 250 energy from them.

The Energy Removal have a chance to fail on enemies above level Y.

Red Skill: The Claypit Twin:
After using “China Trucks Run” Bill & Ben gains X Armor and Energize for 8 seconds.

Every time Bill & Ben apply a debuffs to the enemies, Bill & Ben gains X Basic Attack.

• + X Bonus Damage to “Alarming Rock Slide”
• + Z Skill Power
• + Z Armor



[Bill & Ben and Cheshire Cat]
Description: Bill and Ben were tasked by Sir Topham Hatt to haul a goods train for a station that needed supplies. So they decided to refill their water tank and coal bunker for the journey, as the twins were preparing themselves, the Chesire Cat appeared in front of Bill and Ben, but unfortunately to the twins that were still new to the city, they will soon learn the trouble and chaos the Chesire Cat will bring to their life.

Disk Name: Misguided Twins
Disk Power:
• + X Basic Attack
• + X Bonus Damage to “Bashing Unison”
• + X Max HP to Bill & Ben and to his Allies

• Bill & Ben gains 1/2/3/4/5 Stack of Determination after using “Alarming Rock Slide”.

Allies: Sir Topham Hatt, Ralph, Timon & Pumbaa

[Bill & Ben and Gordon]
Description: Bill and Ben wanting to see more of the city, tried their best to convince their drivers to see more, but they declined explaining that they are needed here. Obviously disappointed to hear that the twin went back to work, for a while everything seemed normal only to hear the manager, the manager soon explained to the driver and twin that Edward was sent to the work and they needed the twin to be a pilot engine for that big station.

Disk Name: Trickery By The Pilot
Disk Power:
• + X Armor
• + X Basic Attack
• + X Skill Power to Bill & Ben and to his Allies

• Every time Bill & Ben crits an enemy, they decrease their Armor by 80%/90%/100%/110%/120% for 12 seconds.

Allies: Sheriff Of Nottingham, Judy Hopps, Hector Barbossa

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I was going to say either Huey, Dewey, and Louie or Lock, Shock, and Barrel instead, but this also works really well lol.

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