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Bing Bong

Source: Inside Out

Who’s the friend who likes to play? Bing Bong! The imaginary friend of Riley, is here to bring more fun and imagination when battling your foes.

“What are you talking about? I go in here all the time. It’s a shortcut, you see? D-A-N-G-E-R. Shortcut!”

Stars: :star:
Role: Support
Position: Middle
Team: Blue


Entrance: Bing Bong scurries to his position holding his bottomless bag, before he wipes his forehead with his knuckles.

Basic Attack: Bing Bong throws a random item from his bottomless bag at an enemy.

Victory: Bing Bong wiggles his tail in excitement before he jumps and spread his arms wide (like in the picture above)

Defeat: Bing Bong slumps to the ground before he cries candy.


White Skill: Rocket Wagon
(Normal Damage)
Passive: Bing Bong’s basic attacks grants him 1 stacks of ‘Fancy’. Each stack of ‘Fancy’ increases Bing Bong and allies’ Attack and Movement Speed by 5%. Bing Bong can only have 20 stacks of ‘Fancy’.

Active: Bing Bong rides on his rocket and flies through the enemy line, dealing Y damage. When Bing Bong returns to his position all allies gains a shield that has X HP and a stack of Hardy.
Bing Bong deals extra Y damage, grants X more HP to shields, and grants 1 more stack of Hardy in exchange for 1 stack of ‘Fancy’ up to 5 stacks.

Green Skill: Trunk Trumpet
Bing Bong plays a tune from his trunk, gaining 2 stacks of ‘Fancy’ and heals three allies with the lowest HP percentage by X. If the healed ally only has 30% Max HP or less, Bing Bong consumes 1 stack of ‘Fancy’ and heals additional X HP.

Blue Skill: Half-Dolphin
Bing Bong’s dolphin impression silences all enemies for 7 seconds. This also cleanses all Silences from allies and increases their Skill Power by X. The cleanse is less effective on allies above level Z.

Purple Skill: Childhood Memories
During Bing Bong’s basic attack, there is a chance he will take out a yellow memory ball from his bottomless bag, which heals himself and the ally with the least HP by Y, if an ally has a shield, Bing Bong will increase the shield HP by X.

Red Skill: Imaginary Friend
Bing Bong now can have 30 stacks of ‘Fancy’. When activating ‘Rocket Wagon’, Bing Bong can fly through enemies again for the second time if Bing Bong has 20 or more stacks of ‘Fancy’. For this Skill, Bing Bong can consume 5 more stacks of ‘Fancy’ to increase damage, shield HP, and stacks of Hardy.
1 stack of Hardy on Bing Bong or an ally increases Armor and Reality by X. When removed, increases Tenacity by Z for 10 seconds.

+Z Skill Power
+Z shield HP to ‘Rocket Wagon’
+Z damage to ‘Rocket Wagon’


Bing Bong/Pegasus
Campaign: Imaginary Companion
Bing Bong thinks that Pegasus is Hercules’ imaginary friend because of the absurd idea that horses have wings existed. Despite Hercules’ clarification, Bing Bong still misunderstands

Disk: Fly Me to the Moon (Pe)
‘Trunk Trumpet’ Grants Invincibility

  • +Z Basic Damage to allies
  • +Z Skill Power
  • When Bing Bong uses ‘Trunk Trumpet’, the ally with less than 30% Max HP will gain Invincibility for 5 (+2 per star) seconds.

Bing Bong/Sulley and Boo
Campaign: Playtime Pals
Sulley invites Bing Bong to play with Boo. During their time, Sulley and Bing Bong learns more about each other and their stories.

Disk: Loving Laughter (Su)
Grants Determination to Self

  • +Z Max HP to all allies
  • +Z Skill Power for Support and Tank allies
  • After ‘Rocket Wagon’ ends, Bing Bong grants 1 (+1 per star) stack of Determination to himself.

Fancy (noun): the faculty of imagination. (I saw that the word ‘fancy’ can be used in context of imagination, I learned it from Google Translate so I’m not sure myself :grimacing:)

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