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I used to make genshin concepts back in the day, so why not make unlikely concepts of the other game? I quit genshin a long time ago because of the storage :(, so I mainly play hsr now.


Source: Honkai Star Rail

A member of Stellaron Hunters and a swordsman who abandoned his body to become a blade. He wields an ancient sword riddled with cracks, like his body and mind.

“When will death come for me? My patience is wearing thin.”

Stars: :star::star::star:
Role Damage
Position: Front
Team: Red


Entrance: Blade jumps to his position and points to the enemy line with his sword.

Basic Attack: Strikes an enemy with his sword.

Victory: Blade brings his sword to his arms, then standing idly in peace with shut eyes.

Defeat: Blade crouches down, his fingers pinching his forehead in pain.


White Skill: Death Sentence
(Fantastic Damage)
Sets Blade’s HP to 50% upon activation. Blade plunges down to the enemy line with a deadly strike, dealing Y damage to all enemies in an area and deals additional damage based on 90% of HP consumed throughout the wave. The value of HP consumed for additional damage is reset after the usage of this skill.
If Blade’s HP is already at 50% or less, heals him by X HP instead.

Green Skill: Forest of Swords
(Normal Damage)
Strikes the closest enemy twice, dealing Y + Y damage. This Skill consumes 5% of Blade’s HP.

Blue Skill: Karma Wind
(Fantastic Damage)
Strikes all enemies in front of Blade with a blood-imbued strike, dealing Y damage. This Skill consumes 10% of Blade’s current HP, additionally the damage dealt is increased based on the amount of HP consumed.

Purple Skill: Shuhu’s Gift
(Fantastic Damage)
When Blade consumes his own HP 5 times, he unleashes an attack on all enemies and deals Y damage. Blade also heals X HP after using this skill. The HP consumption count to use this skill is reset to 0.

Red Skill: Cyclone of Destruction
“Shuhu’s Gift” deals 10% more damage if Blade’s HP is at 50% or less.
If Blade’s HP fell to 0, Blade recovers 50% of his HP, becomes invincible for 10 seconds, and activates ‘Shuhu’s Gift’. While Blade is invincible (including from other sources), he has his Basic Damage increased by Z. This can only be activated once per wave.

+Z Max HP
+Z Basic Damage
+Z Armor


Blade/Shan Yu
Campaign: One-Man Army
Shan Yu is in awe of Blade’s self-healing as portrayed in battle. The Hun leader is determined to get the immortal on his side… that way, the Huns will claim victory in many wars and battles.

Disk: Cracked Sword (Sh)
More Damage to Stunned Enemies

  • +Z Basic Damage
  • +Z more damage to Stunned enemies
  • Blade’s Skills have 10% (+10% per star) chance to Stun an enemy for 6 seconds.

Campaign: Healing Machine
As an immortal, one of Blade’s wishes is to rest in peace, so he didn’t mind if he got himself harmed. However, it is part of Baymax’s programming to cure any human being injured-- and so, starts an infuriating cycle of repetition where Baymax will cure Blade over and over.

Disk: Sewing Wounds (Ba)
Cleanses Debuffs

  • +Z Max HP
  • +Z Max HP to Damage allies
  • ‘Shuhu’s Gift’ now cleanses debuffs from himself, each time Blade is cleansed from a disable or debuff he gains 1 (+1 per star) stacks of Hardy.

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