Blandest character ever (generic man unlikely concept)pp

(Edit" Refreshed as of july 2023)

Why use a monster with super powers, or an iconic disney character when y ou can whip out a generic man into battle


Entrance: casually walks drinking soda

Win: puts on earbuds and listens to music on his iphone

Lose: flops on the ground like he died

Its a normal dude so he has terrible stats

Okay hp

Decent defense

Meh reality

Good normal

Bad fantastic

General stuff:
Design heavily influenced on stock photos mixed with looking like jim hawkings face wise

Shares the same voice and sounds as milo

Basic attack: depends on what theyre wearing

White skill: Many jobs to choose

The person swaps 3 forms of clothing and depending on what outfit he gets the basic attack change

Cop: when the outfit is put on, he steps into midline and shoots with a gun as his basic attack and increasing his own attack speed by 200%. This also makes his allies feel safer making his allies retrieve 100% movement and attack boost as well as making all allies immune to 4 disables and grants hp shields.

Chef: swapping to this puts him in the backlines. Every basic attack he does applies damage over time and reduces energy by 80 each hit. Once he swaps to the chef all of his allies get rengeneration because hes cooking food from behind.

Teacher: generic person becomes a teacher and hits opponents with a ruler being in the front line. As a teacher he knows all of the weakness of the enemies and tries to teach his allies how to beat them. This debuffs all enemies’ armor and reality by 80% as well as studying them.

At the start of the battle he will determine who to be depending on the top highest stats opponent) which delays his entrance. (Police if the top is a damage, chef if control, and teacher if tank or support)


Blue: take a pic!
The generic person takes a pic of the chaos thats happening in front of him with his phone and sends it to tiktok which causes silence and blindness to the frontmost enemies. Depending on the number of opponents still active he will either gain energize (3 more)or extra skill power (3 less)

Purple skill: basketball

The generic man dribbles a ball around showing off his sick tricks. He will gain x skill power while doing this and gains energize to himself

Red still: red bull gives you wings

The generic mans skill power increases every 100% everytime he uses his white skill and attack speed and movement speed increases everytime he dribbles a ball. On top of that he will gain immunity to debuffs and is unable to be koed for 3 seconds

+x max hp

+x skillpower to all allies

+x skill power increase to ball dribble


Mei lee - frontlines gain extra armor and reality, dribble gains X disable

Miss piggy - take a pic silences backs as well, every other basic attack heals for +x max Hp




Yes imagine your meta character being joe shmoe from whatever town wyoming and not an iconic disney character
Truly the timeline to live in


That was good.

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This is hilarious

My man got Refreshed

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