Blocky from BFDI

Blocky (Battle For Dream Island)


Description: With Blocky’s Funny Doings, Blocky will make sure he’s got the whole audience (including enemies) laughing.

Stars: :star2:

Trial Team: Blue

Role: Damage

Position: Front

“No! You can’t eliminate me, I—I’m like the star of the show!”

Basic Animations:

Entrance: A small curtain saying “Blocky’s Funny Doings International” will rise showing Blocky smirking an evil like smirk.

Basic Attack: Blocky will evilly laugh stealing x reality from a random opponent.

Victory: Blocky will point and laugh at the opponent team.

Defeat: Blocky will start flying up (Getting snapped up by Four.)


White Skill: Popped Up

Damage Type: Fantastic Damage :sparkles:

(Blocky will place spikes below an opponent stunning them for 7 seconds and dealing X fantastic damage.)

Green Skill: Tree Fling

Damage Type: Normal Damage :fist:

(A Tree will summon and Blocky will hop on the back of it. Launching at opponents dealing 10398 damage.)

Blue Skill: Funny Doings

Damage Type: Normal Damage :fist:

(Blocky will block and counter an attack by throwing a BFB at them dealing 98000 damage.)

Purple Skill: Blocky Recovery Centre

Damage Type: None

(Whenever Blocky falls below 30% of his Max HP, he will gain +X normal damage and 4000 HP.

Blocky can only do this once every round.)

Red Skill: Star of the Show

Damage Type: None

(“Blocky Recovery Centre” will now do the same effect to all allies.

Additional Stat Boosts:

+35000 Max HP

+894 Fantastic Damage.)

Friendship Campaigns:

Blocky and Fozzie Bear

“Wocka Wocka!”

Blocky tries to gain popularity in the city but fails. Fozzie sees Blocky struggling and decides to help.

Additional Stat Boosts:

+X Max HP

Tree Fling deals +X more damage

Blocky and Shan Yu

“Sharp Edges”

Blocky tries to prank Shan Yu, but Shan Yu already knows what Blocky is up to and isn’t going down without a fight.

Additional Stat Boosts:

+X Basic Damage

+X Max HP

+X Fantastic Damage

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