Bogo friendship


HI everyone, What is the best friendship for bogo?? Always read that the best friendship is with mr incredible but is it still the best after patch (criminal charge buff), Does anyone have an updated tier list? All I see is 2018


Well i think Mr.Incredible is the best tbh good luck!


BOGO has good friends :smiley:


I’m wondering the same. I mean if you can pin an enemy team to the wall it could be great for aoe types. Kinda like Megataur, Spikey, and Bardbarian from dragonsoul. I’d like to see the kb effect on his other disk.
I’m in the process of building mine up so this would help alot.

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Bogo and Calhoun is great


Have you finished his disks already?

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The distance feels despicable, the damage is felt but it is once nothing else and only charges the enemies of the front line, a good counter to Jack S and Olaff but if you take a match with only one front liner hero, You have a useless disk. If you ask me, the disk is very good situationally, but in some cases it’s really frustrating


Which is the case for all disks in game…


Haven’t got a chance with this level cap raise. I’d hoped someone with a few stars could tell ME lol. EVERYONE is using olaf j sparrow and vi on my server. I wanna use a different squad. Nothing (other than my own j n o) I’ve tried is working though.


I think with 5 stars it pushes like buzz or a bit more, in any case it’s a lot of investment for something so situational


Thanks Pavs. I guess the Incredible disk just seems like the logical choice unless he gets a refresh.