Bolt and company

So, I’m not willing to scroll back and investigate. I just wanted to say it would be really cool if Bolt, Mittens, Rhino, and Dr. Calico were added. Like some of these Disney heroes, Bolt was under appreciated movie character. Give him some love. :heart::dog:


Well I did a key word search after all. There is a surprising amount of Bolt comments like mine. Maybe if we ‘like’ some of them for the next few days he’ll get his day soon.

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Dr. Calico is unlikely. He barely appears in the movie.

Yeah, but we need more villains. :sunglasses::smirk:

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There are PLENTY of Disney villains that are better than him

Like captain hook:)

Jafar! We need him.

Well, I like him and if you add Bolt he seems like a good partner. But, I’m all for Bolt. That’s my main hope.

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Don’t get me wrong, I love bolt and am all for him being in the game, but did this topic need to be revived?

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Add bolt and penny as a pair up

Please let the thread die.


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