Bolt/Clawhauser Friendship roadblock

I can never figure out how to get past Sally’s poison cloud.
The unfortunate problem is that Bolt having the capability to defeat her just causes himself to be defeated.

Why do you not use Bolt’s SuperBark when his energy was charged? This could blind Sally and Gaston and give Clawhauser chance to use his White skill before being killed?

Bolt is also really good so I would invest resources in him to upgrade him which will also help with the friendship campaign :slight_smile:

Well… I see Clawhauser’s heal is doing nothing, so I would say max his white and purple and possibly give him some reality mods. They aren’t expensive and can be moved on someone else after, so they shouldn’t be a problem

Looks like you just need to pump up those numbers. More HP is what you need.

This is what happens when Bolt tries to superbark past the roadblock:

Exact same result, when Sally is defeated, she revives and poison clouds again.

Dang it, I just don’t have the spare stamina to raise up Bolt’s HP.
It will take me months to build up the stamina so he can potentially take the health hit and not get defeated.
All for like 10 seconds of one wave, that’s annoying.

both of them are R0

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Clawhauser should be able to keep him at full HP. That’s why I suggested to upgrade his white and purple and give him mods. As for ranks, they might help but aren’t necessary, so it won’t be expensive.

I am not using Clawhauser outside of this Friendship, so he’s not worth the effort.
I was extremely surprised when he got the badges for R0, since I wasn’t getting him badges on porpoise.

In my average experience, it takes 50k stamina to get someone to R10 and Bolt is not the only one who needs that upgrade, Ariel does too.
So that’s like 100k stamina for both of them.

The enemy level here is R15, I do not know how much stamina is required for R10-R15 in addition to the base cost of 50k.

You literally just need to give him reality mods and upgrade his white skill.
The mods can even be moved on someone else after, so all you’re “wasting” is a bit of gold

50k stamina is like a week’s worth of saving up :man_shrugging: if you’re using Bolt anyway, you’re going to want him to be strong.

Clawhauser hasn’t badged himself to R0 :sweat_smile: I’m not sure how it can be a surprise when you’ve literally equipped the badges and promoted him. Bear in mind that badges aren’t exclusive to each hero, so if you don’t want to use someone you might as well save those badges for someone else.

but, yeah, if you stick some reality mods on Clawhauser (costs like 25 chips per mod) and bump up his skills a bit (Gold is the least valuable commodity) then he should be able to tank pretty good

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I don’t know what you get, but I earn about 27000 stamina per week (7x3000 per day+6000 from the weekly).
Is that one of the rewards with a variable generation table?
In that it is different for each player dependent on specific factors, like server etc.
But there is also detraction in effect, I do have to use stamina on other items, reducing the amount gained per week.

I don’t know how it happened either, but one day I looked at Clawhauser and discovered he only needed one more badge for R0, which I got from the badge store without realizing it was the last one to rank up.

My SuperXP crates is very low because I used the majority of them to level up Bolt, Ariel, Marlin&Nemo and Clawhauser, so I am not using them to raise him higher in case I need them for someone else later.

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