Bolt prize wall incorrect chip count

I seem to have been given less chips than i should have. See the screenshot: by stage 7, i have 40 unallocated bolt chips.
Meaning i have spent 10+20+50 chips levelling bolt up already - with 40 unallocated chips that totals to 120 chips. However by stage 7 i should have had 140 chips (20 per day). What gives?

Somehow i cannot embed a picture, so here is a link to the screenshot IMG-43-B2-BF7-C05-A2-1 — ImgBB

Can’t help with your Bolt problem but the reason you can’t post a screenshot is that you not at a basic trust level yet (when your name becomes blue you can post screenshots

You don’t get 20 chips per day, you get 20 chips per stage.

Since you have not yet cleared stage 7, you have only completed 6 stages - giving you 6 x 20 chips = 120

You spent 80 of those giving him stars, leaving you with 40 chips as per the link you sent through.
Hope this helps :slight_smile:


Ahh i see, stupid me :slight_smile: thanks

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