Bolt wish list

I would like to ask If you can bring Bolt from Disney. He’s a super dog from a T.V show and I think he can use those skills into use. Like maybe in his white skill will be the Super bark. With this move, he can flank all of the opponents and stun them for 2 seconds. The green skill will unlock the laser vision. With that move, he stays very still and the targeted enemy will burst into flames and take continuous damage for a short time. I’m still thinking about his blue, purple, and red skills but I want to know what you might think. :wink: :guide_dog:


You know, if you wanted to, you could try making a full-fledged concept of him yourself, just to give yourself and others an idea of what he might look like if he came into the game.


You should change category to hero wish list. I’m not being rude, i was just saying.


Is there a catigory for Hero wish list?

Yes #feedback-corner:hero-wish-list

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