I am gonna post my unlikely concept entry from the contest. Sorry this took so long, I have been busy with school lately.


“Nyeh heh heh!”

Papyrus is a mid-line damage hero

Trial Team: Blue

Stars: :star::star:


Entrance: Papyrus jumps into the battlefield

Victory: Papyrus places his hands on his hips and cackles

Defeat: Papyrus’s body dissolves as Papyrus’ head falls onto the ground

Basic Attack: Papyrus has a bone strike an enemy from underground, dealing X damage


White Skill: Bonetrousle
:sparkles: Fantastic Damage
Papyrus summons a giant bone from underground which strikes the enemy with the most energy, dealing X damage, draining 350 energy, and stunning them for 8 seconds

Papyrus also grants allies 100 energy

These effects are reduced against allies or enemies above level X

Green Skill: Blue Attack
At the beginning of every wave, Papyrus applies “Blue Soul” to all enemies for 12 seconds. When under the effect of “Blue Soul”, enemies receive X more damage from attacks.

Blue Skill: Cool Dude
Papyrus compliments his allies by smirking at them and pointing to them with both his hands, increasing their attack speed by 80% and granting them X skill power

Purple Skill: Effective Flirt
Whenever an enemy charms an ally, the ally loses X Skill Power

This effect is reduced when charmed by enemies above level X


Papyrus - Alice
Fallen Human
“Bonetrousle” Skill Boost
Allies: Queen of Hearts, Hiro Hamada, Jafar

  • +Z Skill Power
  • “Bonetrousle” stuns for 2 more seconds
  • “Bonetrousle” steals 50 more energy (increases by 25 for every added star)

Papyrus - Goofy
Spaghetti Toppings
“Cool Dude” Heals Allies
Allies: Peter Pan, Merlin, Maui

  • +Z Max HP
  • +Z Reality
  • “Cool Dude” now heals allies for 15% of Papyrus’s Max HP (increases by 5% for every added star)

Hope you liked it!


Concept itself is very well made. There’s just a thing that I don’t understand well. Why does his green skill buff enemies’ damage and his purple nerf allies’ skill power?

I think he means that…

  • For the Green Skill, every wave, every enemy is take in more damage from attacks, it’s just a misword…

  • For the Purple Skill, there are some Heroes who Charm that give buffs to those who are Charmed, i.e. Jafar, Nick, and Simba & Nala who buff the Charmed’s Basic Damage, and Tia Dalma who buff the Charmed’s Skill Power.

    • Essentially, Papyrus’ Purple Skill can remedy Tia Dalma’s Charms or can lessen the Damage dealt by Charmed Heroes who have high Skill Power, i.e. Simba & Nala and Ducky & Bunny.

As @HeroSSWin has said (thanks for helping), enemies deal more damage from attacks. The key word is from. I used the word “from” so it doesn’t appear that Papyrus buffs enemies’ damage, but you couldn’t really see through but that’s okay.

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Then wouldn’t it be clearer if the word “deal” is changed to “receive”?


Okay. Thank you for helping me fix it @Paperlucky

It’s a very good, but I find the purple very situational. It’s effectively a weaker version of the secondary effect of QoH’s purple.
Also the fact that it only protects from one disable type means in several fights it may not even come into play. Then he only has 3 skills which is an obvious disadvantage.
The blue and green skills look like very nice supports though.


I am aware of this. The reason for this is to fit his character. In Undertale, the player is allowed to flirt with Papyrus, and he usually gets distracted in the battle if he has been flirted with.

I’d at least make allies immune to charming with some added effect. Maybe turn the tables and reduce the skill power of the enemy who attempted the charm.

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