Bo's Peeps recruiting S23

Hey Everyone,

Bo’s is recruiting active, players in Server 23. We’re a guild consisting of S21 Members who retired and have returned to S23 and others who were already at home in S23 or S25. Our guildleader Ella has been leader of a few succesfull top 5 guilds in S21 and we’re looking to do something similar in S23. We’re striving to be a good guild in S23, with fun and debauchery, but seriousness for guildrelated content.

What do you have to do to be eligible to join?


  • We currently have open recruitment for players above L200, but we’re willing to take in players lower level via a small interview.
  • Must have a sense of humor
    *Must be active.
    *Must have (friend) DM’s open so officers etc can contact you.
    *Must be willing to participate in war and follow its structure.
    Optional but preffered; Join our Discord server (only if you’re 18+ years of age).

If you’re interested in joining, please contact me; BackDoorBandit or Barbarian, or leave an application ingame and we will get back to you or If you’re interested you can leave your IGN down below and ill get back to you.

Small guilds or small active pools of guilds are also welcome to merge into ours.
If you have a guild in S23 looking for a merger; Please contact @Ella.


The BackdoorBandit.

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