Breaker quest

Sorry if this is rantish, but the balancing in the breaker quest is the stupidest thing. My entire team gets obliterated literally any time I try to fight the wards. Can someone can explain to me how these creeps can disintegrate my team if their skills are under-leveled?

The ward fights each have their related ward effect applied to them. Aside from that, enemies in Invasion are always at your server’s max rarity, which can have a large impact if the heroes you’re using are far behind the cap.

Also, what’s your breaker team? That could also be the source of the problem.

What should my team be then?

What team are you using?

Im using Beast, Simba&Nala, Stitch,Bo Peep and Animal and I already got all the rewards. You could try them.

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I mean, I use the strongest heroes I have that are buffed to higher levels.

Which heroes, though? And what disks do they have equipped?

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