Bring back alternate costumes

This game has hundreds of characters, but only seven have alternate costumes; it would be awesome if we could have more, like, for example,

Elsa’s original dress
Bo Peep’s original outfit
Kim Possible’s battle suit
Hiro Hamada’s battle suit
Judy Hopps’ street clothes

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Costumes take just as much work to make as a completely new character, so they have been discontinued


Well I can’t imagine Bo Peep in her original dress in the battle.

They could at least let us have access to the ones that already exist right at the start, and take away the costume thread requirement, since those are ridiculously hard to come by.

I would like Hiro Hamada’s battlesuit.
It just feels wierd to me that all his teammates are armored, but he is not.

I preferred Elsa’s original dress from Frozen 1, I don’t like her Frozen 2 dress.
So that’s another costume I want.

Costume threads are the most annoying inventory item in the game.
I have tried hard to get the remaining 50 and never find any! :rage:

They should sell them directly for money, since RNG won’t provide them.

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Yes, you will never find any. Since costumes are now only unlocked with cosmetic crates and not with the threads.


So threads are a legacy mechanic that were never removed?

Does that mean I have to find the costume unlock directly in a costume crate?

Every costume crate I’ve opened so far has just been chat emojis.

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