Bruh Moment S22 looking for new active members!

Welcome! Bruh Moment is a clan that has been around for about a year now looking to revamp! We are looking for experienced and as of now semi new and active players to build our clan!

We have 2x team xp so for those who are below lvl 100 and are active We can boost you as long as you are active.

We are also looking for experience players preferably above lvl 120+ to become higher power roles within the guild!

The goal is to be competing with the best of the best with an active and fun community!

If you are interested in joining pop into our discord and join the Bruh Moment!


What the level limit to join the guild?

As of now we are taking anyone. We have double team xp up to lvl 100 and for the more experienced players we are looking for some people to fill leadership roles. Just have to be active in game and join the discord.

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