Bubba The Cave Duck Hero Concept

Bubba the Cave Duck

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Stats and Information

Role - Damage

Trial Team - Red

Position - Mid

Stars At Beginning - 1

Quote - “Bubba smash!”

Bio - This young cave duck is here to help his friends destroy the creeps B.C style. He’ll use his club and his buddy Tootsie to knockdown anyone who stands in his allies way.


Entrance - Bubba leaps into battle from offscreen and slams his club into the ground.

Victory - Bubba break dances.

Defeat - Bubba sits down and hits himself with his club.

Basic Attack - Bubba hits enemies with his club.


White Skill - Bubba Clubba (Fantastic Damage)
Bubba jumps high up in the air slams his club down on all nearby enemies dealing x damage. He repeatedly hits all nearby enemies dealing x damage 7 times.

Green Skill - Tootsie Topple (Fantastic Damage)
Bubba summons Tootsie to the battlefield and hops on her back healing him x. He then rides through enemies dealing x damage to all enemies and stunning all enemies for 7 seconds.

Blue Skill - Bubba Jam
Bubba pulls out a radio and starts dancing, healing him x and increasing his Fantastic crit chance by 60% for 12 seconds.

Purple Skill- Dino Dash (Fantastic Damage)
Bubba deals x more damage to stunned enemies and “Tootsie Topple” can hit up to 3 times on stunned enemies.

Red Skill - Bubba Trubba
Tootsie Topple” now has a chance to apply shatter to all stunned enemies. Shattered enemies take 8% of their max hp as true damage when delt fantastic damage.
Bubba Jam” now increases Bubba’s max hp x and skill power x
Bubba now deals knockback to enemies hit with “Bubba Clubba

  • x reality
  • x Fantastic crit
  • x tenacity


Bubba and Rex
Name - Primeval Pals

Description - Shielded enemies are stunned


  • Whenever an enemy shields themselves they are stunned for x seconds


  • +x tenacity
  • +x Max hp
  • +x skill power

Bubba and Powerline
Name - Good Beats

Description - Gain hardy when heal


  • Whenever Bubba heals above 90% of his max hp he gains x stacks of hardy.


  • +x reality
  • +x Fantastic crit
  • +x basic damage
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