Bug in Megamart -

That is some expensive free stamina…


So don’t buy it.


How is this a bug?! Also that doesn’t feel expensive to me.

FREE STAMINA. Where is it free?

That’s how it’s called. It’ll be free once you buy it.

It just a display issue… :man_facepalming:

If you don’t want to buy it, then don’t buy it…

It’s still a bug… hence being reported…

It´s not FREE STAMINA as in free, it´s just called like that. And that price is not really bad.


Yea visual bug should be reported…

However the deal is nice

That´s not a visual bug tho. It has been called free stamina since the beginning. The only problem is they added it to the Mega Mart and it´s not free. It never was and never will be.

When it is on sale it says premium stamina

And i think this one should be called too because technically it is not free

Spelling error , bug , not bug, whatever it may be

just might lead to confusion being called free and not being free

Look at the invasion rewards. The stamina there is called “Free Stamina”… that’s what a x60 is called.

Premium Stamina can only be accessed through deals and diamond bundles, not markets.

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OK, either way, nothing in the stores should be called “Free” anything. If it cost diamonds.

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Again, it´s not the matter of being called like that. It´s just the matter of it being put into Mega Mart, whereas it never was in a shop. Straight and simple.

Stamina is too precious to be just handed over by PB, so if it is changed, expect it to be gone.
I suppose @Polaris could give a message about this to devs.

Or just name changed to stamina

And then the premium stays premium

Calling something free”it was for a while” but now is no longer free may be confusing…

Its no different then a grammar error

This is the best stamina deal in the game. 7.8 diamonds for a pot. On older servers it was at least 29.5 diamonds.

It’s coinciding with the increase to “get more stamina”, that on old servers will be worth just over 4 diamonds per pot at 50 diamonds. So it’s slightly better than the 100 diamond refresh - still good value, but not a ‘must buy’ for F2P players.

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But if, just if you plan to participate in a contest and wanted to stock up on stamina it’s cheaper then the usual stamina for diamonds deals if you don’t plan to use the premium stamina right away.

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Now it’s more expensive (11.4/pot). It would have been better not to open this topic at all. Sometimes it’s better to sit it out and not state the obvious.

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I was afraid of that, though I was hoping it wouldn’t go up until after the next FtN…

EDIT: Just got a Mega Mart, stamina refills are still 235 diamonds for 30 refills on S2. Maybe it’s just higher on other servers?

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