Bug on increasing skill

when I level up a hero and max their skill (ex : the beast orange 1 95/95/75/55) sometimes skills decrease. 95 drop to 86 etc. But I ve lost money and object.

Money and object I’ve paid with € !

How to be refund for this bug ? Grrr


I experienced this just a minute ago

I got the same problem !

Paid for pack to increase skills ans money, used them to boost heros but from 75 to 92 it droped to 82 but money and objects still used.

Hum it s € on the wind.

polaris help us . in seever 3 i increased jafar but his power doidnt increased much. Polaris i m in cry. AND IF U FIX THE BUG THEN PLS INCREASE POWER OF MY RANDALL NAD JAFAR. BECAUSE IF THIS BUG I HAVE LOST MONEY AND OBJECT PLEASE HELP

Had a similar issue, skills often reset, yet I get my gold back.

Having the same issues. Using up all my gold and skill point consumables. Very frustrating. Hopefully we’ll be refunded.

I am having the same issue

Having the same issue, only since the last update. Submitted help ticket this morning.

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Had same issues. Gold spent, skill points and consumables spent but levels dropped or simply didn’t take. I don’t even bother submitting tickets, if they care enough to fix it, good, if not, I’ll just keep playing until I get bored then quit, glad that I didn’t spend money on this game.

Similar issue! Decrease stat that I push to max and not only that I even spend a lot of consumable even if I selected 10 level for example it was increased more and use consumable and gold!:cold_sweat:hope they figure it out

The increase skill slider is the worst thing they’ve brought to the game. Great idea but so buggy and poorly executed, makes it not even worth it. Even trying to put the skills in one at a time causes it to implode. And getting the skills and gold back is dodgy at best and you defiantly don’t get the diamonds back if you paid for 10 more skills points and then lose the skills in the glitch.
They need to just take it away. At least until it can function properly. It’s nearly a waste of time to play the game if you can’t skill up your heroes.


How did u create ticket ? I didn’t find

I still get this issue after the update. Losing coins again…

When the skill points are reverted, the gold is returned. You may need to move to a different screen in the game for the gold to update, but it isn’t being lost.

I went to support, then “contact us” on top right of screen

Not the objects

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