Bug Triton

Triton with Ariel disc has a big bug.
It says on 2 stars disc that he recive +0 second instead of +1 second.

Also, @Loutre never read my messages and he blocks suggestions each time I wrote something to improve game

this should have gotten fixed

Loutre should not be forced to read your messages…

Stop assuming genders, and also I’ve never seen anyone, including you, have their suggestion blocked/flagged/deleted…


Hello! I do not have anyone blocked and try to read as much as I can, but do not have time to respond to everything.

The display issue should have been fixed with this update. Can you send a screenshot of what you’re seeing?


I m not said that je blocks me personaly and I m not forcing anyone but I wrote a lot of posts and nothing replied.

I already update to second star and I didnt take SS. it only said that os +0 second :joy:
That is why I create this post.

That should be fixed.


I will check again, but if it is 0.5 that is not upgrade :joy::joy::joy: That is disupgrade from 1 to 0.5.

Many people are blind but that is how politics works. They do decreasing anything from original and you will be happy with it. I still want +1 sec. :slight_smile:

It was always 0.5 it just showed as 0. I guess the team wants Triton remembered as hot pepper garbage character. And sadly, he is.


On mine was +1, I dont ever seen + 0.5 but as you said, probably garbage.

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