Bug with Hook's stats?

@polaris I’m afraid that there MUST be a bug with Hook’s stats page. This says that he has 750k HP and 154k armor!!!
This is MY Hook that cannot survive and gets destroyed in Arena. This cannot be right.

It isn’t the Armor. It’s the reality. It is rather low

Yes. His Reality is his weakness, but the stats for his Armor were clearly broken. It’s still impressive, but not ridiculous anymore


Yeah, I agree with Filae. If you are going against heroes that deal Fantastic damage (Jafar, Randall, Ducky & Bunny, etc) your Hook will be demolished in no time. You need somebody that gives him extra reality (Sally (Yax disk) or Joy (Olaf disk)

That disk only grants allies armor. Joy, alone, grants all her allies reality. Along with Kevin Flynn

Yes reality based on how many stacks of “happiness” she has. That Extra armor can come in handy as it helps ward of damage from basic attacks. It can definitely help against somebody like Jafar/Ducky and Bunny/Randall who attacks you with quick burst of fantastic damage

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