Bugs Bunny Hero Concept

Bugs Bunny, :star: :star:, Support, Midline.
Team Trials: Yellow.
Quote: “Eh, what’s up, doc?”
Bio: This rabbit has come out of his rabbit hole, armed with his carrot, and ready for action on the battlefield.
Entrance: Bugs hops into place.
Victory: Bugs waves around his carrot and jumps for joy.
Defeat: Bugs gets an anvil dropped on his head and he falls down.
Basic Attack: Bugs grabs a carrot and throws it at an enemy, dealing X damage.

White Skill: Wabbit Season.
Fantastic Damage✨
Passive: Bugs has 5 carrots, then whacks an enemy, dealing X damage.

Active: Bugs calls for Elmer, and Elmer charges at an enemy, dealing X damage and knockback to any enemy close by.

Green Skill: Carrot Nibble.
Bugs will grab a carrot and eat it, which heals himself X HP.

Blue Skill: Carrot Salad!
Bugs will hand out carrot salad to allies, healing them X HP.

Purple Skill: Whats up, Doc?
After Bugs nibbles a carrot, he will be granted with X% healing power.

Red: Elmer’s Rage.
After using Wabbit Season, Bugs is granted with X% more speed and X% more defense against enemy attacks.
-Attack increases by 75% for 10 seconds.
-Speed increases by 55% for 15 seconds.

Friendship 1: Bugs Bunny and Daffy Duck.
Campaign Story: Adventures of Daffy. “Daffy is taking Bugs to see The Biggest Ball of Yarn.”
Disk: Sufferin’ Soccutash.
Basic Attack deals 65% more damage and deals knockback.

Friendship 2: Bugs Bunny and Lola Bunny,
Campaign Story: Date Night. “Bugs is taking Lola to a fancy restaurant.”
Disk: Extra French Dressing.
Carrot Salad heals 65% more for allies.

Extra Bonus:
A Bugs Bunny funko pop from my favorite movie, Space Jam.

And this cute Daffy Duck funko pop.

If you enjoyed this, that is good, :slightly_smiling_face:


Passive abilities don’t have an additional animation. They are meant to be bonuses or a certain circumstance.

oh ok i’ll fix it.
Thank you for the feedback!

There is still a new animation. Throwing carrots is a proper ability and not passive.

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