Bugs - Server 22

We discover a lot of bugs these days on server 22.

  1. Marry Sanderson disc LSB doesnt work when she is in battle with heroes who activate white skill on start
  2. Phil - sing in showing on displey
  3. Helga S. is still in guild crate and we recieve her istead of new hero in guild crate.
  4. Angel’s kiss doesnt work in battles on allies
  5. Baker of the Basil very slow activate his white skill (with him game have bug a couple of months)

For now we discovered that. Will keep continue to work on game.
Please, take this to fix as soon as possible.

Best regards!

  1. and 3. is fixed *
    After first daily stamina those two works.

Do you mean he doesn’t spam his white skill?

If so, this was a change made months ago to let him use his skills. Don’t necessarily think it’s a good thing but pretty sure it was intended


Not a bug. They trigger their white skill before the hex is applied.

For me in S1, it works perfectly fine except for Bolt. But that’s not a bug as his basic attacks hits twice almost instantly and only the first one triggers the revive. Invincibility isn’t applied in time for the second hit.

I m talking about S22.
Few players notice the same problem with Angel.

Yes, they use white skill before her hex, but if we looking open and fair to all - beginning of battle is the same for all of us.

Zeus cant activate white skill if Marry is on the field. His start is like hers start of fight. Equal.
There is a few heroes with white skill on start too.

“Zeus cant activate white skill if Marry is on the field. His start is like hers start of fight. Equal.
There is a few heroes with white skill on start too”

He can still pop off that initial burst though.

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Zeus can be stopped by mary. Literally use p1 mary to stop zeus. S22. The only time it doesnt work is if zeus has starting hardy or theres a hatter on the team (which well, is how its supposed to be) the stun from the hex can be evaded though

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Unmodded heroes, zeus active would just instakill everything. It didnt

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Something had to kill the heroes though :thinking:

You’re likely right that Mary stopped Zeus though. It was probably something else that targets multiple enemies but not all (Shego Green, Go-Go Blue, etc)

My heroes? That would be fairy godmother, she wasnt around for first bigg freeze so she threw a pumpkin at them( and theyre, well, oranges and purples unmodded so that pumpkin will k.o. them 10 times over)
His heroes are self explanatory (I think but I can explain if not)

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I think that they fix it. Mary now works good in game vs Zeus, Phil, Ian etc.

If they fix this issue I m very pleased! :slight_smile:

The attack where I showed it work was over 2 weeks ago… It works but there may have been another condition in the mix depending on what matchup you worked it in

No, I tried all combos before I say something.

Now, Ian kills Zeus very fast (couple of days like that) like he has DOT on him only. Included when Ian is stuned.

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