Bullying in game

per blue should do more a bully is a bully. All to often the recipient lashes out and then gets silenced. Sorry this is wrong.


Do you actually have proof that PerBlue bans the victim, or are you just another person trying to blame PB for something they haven’t done?

If the victim is also acting inappropriately then they should be banned. As for the bullies not being banned, how do you know? The only way to report people is by blocking them so if you are still seeing them bully others then you clearly haven’t taken any action against them, i.e. reported them for their behaviour.

PerBlue can’t just magically see what every single player types 24/7 so it comes down to people actively reporting inappropriate behaviour.


I got permanently silenced for sticking up for myself and this other person was swearing and I got in trouble

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How do i know because I reported the offenders and they did it for ages and are still talking in Vip. I say anything in response to then they report me i constantly got banned and eventually perma banned. Yet they can still freely talk in vip.

had similar experiences

Shouldn’t the guy be in trouble instead of you?

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Was Fluke the bully?

For the bullying, in life and in game the person reacting is often the person punished.

There are a few people in game that have mastered the reporting system to harass people with it. They will bait people in vip with things that will cause a reaction, then ask people to chain report the people reacting.

If the same people are responsible for multiple people being banned, is it fair or is it also harassment? Some would say that they are doing a service to the community, some would say they are the problem, most of it comes down to perspective.

The thing I find the most counter productive is PB’s stance on harassment in PM’s. Their canned response is to block the person and that they do not police PM’s. Blocking the person does eliminate the problem for one person, but allows the predators to continue to harass others as much as they want.


We do not tolerate harassment or bullying behavior in the game. We take action against everyone who violates the rules. Being the victim of harassment is terrible.

There are tools in the game to help protect yourself from harassment and bullying. Block and Report.

Engaging with the other person is what they want because it causes more harm. Block and Report.

I appreciate you want to protect other people from toxic behavior and the best way is to let us know. Confronting them usually fuels the fire and doesn’t change their behavior. Block and Report.

We take actions against everyone who violates the rules. We do not silence or ban players just because they report harassment.


Never lol not fkuke

polaris im not saying I’m innocent.but when all I did was react because of it then get reported over and over and yet the ones bullying in the 1st place are not perma banned you have to think ita unfair and unjust!!!.

in fact if I wasn’t perma banned id do things very differently. You are right I shouldn’t of reacted. But after months of it and them.still talking nonsense and not being banned or seemingly getting away with it. Yes I reacted a few times. As reporting didn’t seem to have the desired effect.

If you’re seeing them talk you clearly haven’t blocked and reported them :man_facepalming:.


You can unblock them after a week

Why would you unblock a bully? If that’s what they’re doing then they clearly enjoy the drama.


If people continue to talk trash about you after they are blocked and reported, did the block system work? Sure you can’t see them but damage is still being done.

In that situation, would you rather be ignorant at what they are saying or unblock so you can block and report again?

I would rather be ignorant. If they continue to talk behind your back that’s on them and you don’t need to subject yourself to the bullying again by unblocking them. Sure you might want to report them again but honestly why bother? Your quality of life improves with them being blocked so your only going to cause yourself more harm by re-exposing yourself to their toxicity.

What you’re describing is exactly why these people do what they do. If they know that they can get you to come back even after they were blocked then they’ve succeeded. Don’t fall into their pathetic trap.


Reported them yes quite clearly they been reported. Block no i dont block anyone.

You can’t report without blocking someone. You can’t just expect someone else to do it for you. If you see something, say something. Don’t sit idly by waiting for someone to come along and magically solve everything.

So you want to see what the bullies are doing? If you’re the victim then staying there is only gonna worsen the problem. Your mind is more likely to be at ease if you remove yourself from the situation rather than staying to make yourself feel worse.

I flagged you for this part btw.

Just because you have a right to see it doesn’t mean that exercising that right is the best course of action. I don’t know what you find so appealing about this mess but you cannot complain that PerBlue isn’t doing anything about the situation when you actively choose to remain a part of it. Remove yourself from this fiasco, leave the chat, leave the game for all I care. You are so clearly the problem here and not PerBlue.


Unfortunately it is a tale as old as bullying; eventually enough is enough and someone snaps and flails out and they get in trouble. That is one way the bullies win.
The other way is to demoralize and intimidate so that the activities/social interactions are no longer engaged in. They convince you to give up and quit.

So if you can’t fight back and you don’t want to quit, what can we do to make it stop?

-one commonality is to BLOCK the bully. Take away the audience. Who cares what someone says by themselves in a dark room?
-Take screenshots- [worth googling how to take a screenshot on (insert name of device)]and gather proof.
-Talk to a school official about it who is duty bound to respond and report.
-Tell someone you care about that you are hurting. Let them know that you are being affected by something that they might not be aware of. Sometimes just debriefing can process through a lot of trauma.
-Report the behavior to the service provider and the platform companies: Discourse and PerBlue both have clauses in their ToS whereby they can remove someone for bullying/just mean-spirited behavior. FB,Insta,YouTube all have reporting forms built in.
-Speak publicly about the behavior. This is really important for ally’s and people in positions of authority. When moderators publicly condemn hater attacks on the forum they decrease. If teachers were to stop a clique from giggling and shushy noises while other speak they wouldn’t be embarrassed to answer in class, if you tell a bully to stop picking on someone in front of bystanders it takes away the status gains they get from humiliation of others.
just add to chat : #ChooseKindness when you see ugliness on Global or a nasty forum response.

Bullying is a behavior; not a defining characteristic, it can be changed and corrected if there is concrete steps taken to identify and address.

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