Bushroot hero concept

Bushroot hero concept


Stars at beginning: :star2: :star2:
Role: Support
Position: Mid
Team: Red

Entrace: Bushroot walks on giant branch and jump into his position
Victory: Bushroot laughs as different plants appear around him
Defeat: Bushroot rots and slowly dissapear.

White skill: Nature ally
Bushroot summon a plant, it have X HP and deal X damage per hit, when summoned plant reaches 0 HP, closest ally to plant is healed by X HP.

Only 5 plants can fight at once.

If Bushroot can’t summon more plants, plant with lowest HP dies automatically and heal 50% more the closest ally.

Green skill: Power of nature
Bushroot heals all allies by X HP. Allies are also cleaned from all debuffs.

Cleaning debuffs have chance to fail on allies above level X.

Blue skill: Thorny problem
Bushroot creates giant thorns, stunning all enemies for 3 seconds and dealing X damage.
Enemy with highest basic damage is stunned for 10 seconds and have all buffs removed, this target’s HP is also reducing by 1% every 1 second, Bushroot is healed by 200% of amount which the target is losing. Thors ignore enemy’s tenacity.

Bushroot’s HP gain is lowered if the target is above X level.

Purple skill: Nature’s protection
Every 5 seconds if ally’s HP is reduced to 25%, that ally receive shield that has X HP and doesn’t expire and can’t be stealed or removed, ally is also healed by X HP every second while have shield.

Every 10 seconds, ally with lowest HP become invincible for 5 seconds.

Invincible buff have chance to fail on allies above X level.

Red skill: Deep roots
In addition to healing from [Power of Nature] allies gain 2 stacks of Hardy.
Everytime a plant dies from [Nature ally] Bushroot’s attack and movement speed increase by 10%.

Additional stat boosts:

  • Extra basic damage
  • Extra HP
  • More Reality

Hardy buff fails on allies above X level.


Yax - Strength of nature


Allies gain tenacity and evasion

  • +X skill power
  • Allies are healed by X HP every 2 seconds
  • Allies gain 5 tenacity (+5 per star)
  • Allies gain 3 evasion (+3 per star)

Megavolt - Kill Darkwing!

2 targets on [Thorny problem], bigger self HP gain

  • +X basic damage
  • +X HP
  • [Thorny problem] targets 2 enemies with the highest basic damage around enemies
  • The targets from [Thorny problem] loses 0.5% more HP per second (+0.5% HP per star)

A support villain… I see…


That’s very unique

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