But like, what ARE the best heroes if each type?

Comment your thoughts down below!

Here is my opinion:
Control: Mary Sanderson or Aurora. (If only one then Aurora)
Damage: Mother Gothel or Zeus. (If only one then Gothel)
Support: Megara or Ariel. (If only one then Megara)
Tank: Shank or Meilin (If only one then Shank)

My opinion:

Damage: Zeus, Shego or Mother Gothel

Control: Ian

Tank: Meilin Lee

Support: Megara

Tank: Mei Lin (maybe Pacha? Rarely use them)
Damage: Zeus (fast), Darkwing (all-around)
Support: Chip (offense), Bagheera (defensive)
Control: Ian

Tank: Quasimodo
Damage: Bolt
Support: Ariel
Control: Dr. Drakken
(These are just my favorites, but they’re also pretty good.)

Tank: Shank, Meilin, or Pacha
Damage: Zeus, Gothel, or Shego
Support: Bagheera, Jim, or Timon
Control: Drakken, Mary, Hatter, or Angel

My favorites of each type, however?

Tank: Swedish Chef
Damage: Pleakley
Support: Rapunzel
Control: Merlin

Thanks @Zelkiiro!! I always love getting your advice bcs it is always true!! I am wondering if Timon is good for arena?

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