Buy gold, bye! (Bill Cipher character concept)

Name: Bill Cipher

Quote: “Sure I’m insane. What’s your point?”

Description: Bill Cipher is an ancient dream demon that brings out his weirdness and his demonic power to the enemies.

Source: Gravity Falls

Role: Control

Position: Red

Stars: :star2::star2::star2:

Team: Blue

Basic Attack: Bill Cipher will attack the enemy with his blue fire, dealing X damage.

Entrance: Bill Cipher will appear out of the smoke, getting out his cane to present himself and then get to position.

Victory: Bill Cipher will dance with his cane.

Defeat: Bill Cipher glitches out to disappearance.

White Skill: It’s A Deal
Bill Cipher will charm the enemy by going into them, for X seconds or when the enemy is KOed. When done charming or the enemy is KOed, Bill Cipher will get out of that charmed enemy and gets back to original position. This will stun that enemy if that enemy is not KOed by X seconds.

Green Skill: Frozen Human Agony
Bill Cipher will “freeze” the enemies by turning them into stone for X seconds.

Blue Skill: Getting Angry
:sparkles: Fantastic Damage
When Bill Cipher experiences 0HP, Bill Cipher will turn red and throw four fireballs at the enemies, damaging the enemies by X. Bill Cipher will also then scare the enemy team before turning back to original form.

Purple Skill: Reality Is An Illusion
Bill Cipher will give himself X energy and X HP every time he crits an enemy.

Red Skill: Isosceles Monster
Bill Cipher’s “Getting Angry” will now grants himself increase of basic attack, skill power, and attack speed by X.


Bill Cipher/Hades
Ancient Demonic Rulers
Boosts “It’s A Deal” Skill

  • Stuns last longer
  • The enemy that’s charmed deals more damage

Bill Cipher/Maleficent
Turned To Stone
Stronger Fire and Longer Freezes

  • +X Basic damage
  • Freezing in “Frozen Human Agony” lasts longer by +X seconds
  • The fire that Bill throws in “Getting Angry” now makes the enemies lose X energy and X armor

Thank you for voting me in 2nd place in the Halloween Contest Entry :grin: (and all of you had done a great job too)

Any feedbacks are welcomed and I hope you liked it!


Sorry to be extremely nitpicky , but in the concept of dipper , he was in red team, so shouldn’t bill cipher also be in red team.

Changed Dipper to Blue team in his concept

I love this concept, including the memory disks and stats they give.

Sorry to say this but please don’t receive topic that is dead


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