So I’m living this game I know it’s not important for any of you !
I joined the game when it wasn’t world wide launch !
I was one of the first ones who joined the forum and post some threads and now because of game situation I’m living this game and give the account to my cousin …
Thanks perblue for making good moments for me and also i respect all of your members.
But recently I didn’t really like you management for game and I’m gonna live this game .
And wish all the money you earned from the game will help you alot .
I also helped you with some purchases and hope your game become more famous and have more players !
Thanks , perblue :slight_smile:


Can this be in Community Chatter, also I’m sad to see you go😭


Goodbye good friend

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Goodbye i hope you to see you here in the forums :smiley: but I hope that your okay hope you’ll come back soon :pleading_face:

More and more people leaving the game lately. Due to the horrible decisions by Perblue. Lost 4 in our top 20 guild today alone. Server 2 has been dealing with a large exodus, gonna need a server merge soon!

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Now that is the rudest comment in a farewell topic. Very inappropriate


I wonder what the real statistics of users on a server being active vs just being on the server[accounts with no activity anymore]

Rest in peace…good luck in ur future endeavours it was cool sharing the forums with u

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wow thats pretty rude.

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We need more people who take this as well as you.

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