Camilo Madrigal (Encanto, 2021)


Entrance: Camilo will turn into a foe whilst walking, and then when at que will turn back to normal
Win: Camilo will point and laugh at the opponents
Loss: Camilo will stomp on the ground
Trial Team: Red
Camilo is an charm

Catchphrase “Ok, so we’re gonna talk about Bruno?”

Normal Attack: Candle (Camilo will “grab” the heat off the candle and throw it at an opponent)

Special Attacks:
White Skill: Portray (Camilo will turn into a foe and use their attacks for x seconds)
Green Skill: Vision (Camilo will turn into Bruno and have a vision (representing as a shield))
Blue Skill: Ms. Perfect (Camilo will turn into Isabela and grow flowers and vines)
Purple Skill: Non-Special Special (Camilo will turn into Mirabel and throw a accordion at foes)
Red Skill: Use (Camilo will turn into a foe and start stealing the certain foe’s health)
Camilo is Offense
The Genie & Finnick

The Genie Conversation at 10 likes

Welcome to forums! I think you should put this on hero concepts category.


Ok, got it. Done!

This is an interesting idea but it isn’t thought out to well……… barely any details, to short.


Thanks for your feedback! This will help me with future posts and projects!

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