Can not revive in invasion

Hi all, it’s been over 24 hrs now and I can’t revive players in invasion solo or boss, this is now irritating and discouraging me from playing

Try this:

Haaaahaaaa no way lol I actually feel like such a novice now how embarrassing 🤷🤷🤷🤷🤷

Yep i am having the same problem. Cant revive K.O. or heal damaged heroes. So now dropping below 50th in Challenger which is a shame as its not easy to stay in Challenger in invasion these days.

So the K.O. is working if i select K.O. heroes only… but my injured wont heal. I noticed that one of the pictures is not level with others. Its almost as if its got stuck on it.

note the 0s below Violet… i see the same thing below Baymax on the original post too.

By way of update… it seems bug is linked to freezing/crashing when you use revive to heal heroes. If you see a 0s below one of your heroes that seems to indicate the issue.
Whilst selecting filter K.O. heroes might let you revive dead heroes it wont solve the heal injured heroes problem.

The way to do that is kill the injured hero thst has caused the crash. I.e. in above screen shots that would be Baymax for DNG188 and Violet for me.

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