Can someone explain this

I understand that urls are part of the chat filter, what I don’t understand what consists of making it a url to be picked up by it.

According to a Mozilla developer page… a URL is composed of different parts, some mandatory and others optional. The most important parts are highlighted on the URL below (details are provided in the following sections):

full url

So can someone explain to me how writing something like “if I had two right feet, I trip over” is considered a url as doesn’t meet the criteria mentioned above ?

Just confused, and would appreciate the understanding is all.

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There’s nothing there, but that’s technically a valid domain

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.lol :joy: to funny

See but that has the beginning criteria of “http://“ so in that sense I can understand it being an url.
But in the sentence followed by period and then followed by lol without a spaces between the period and lol it doesn’t make sense to me.

that’s just because I copied it from my browser - the actual domain would be

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