Can t access game AGAIN

Since server update yesterday, 9/22, game St co inloop indicating update available, aplp page says no update. Multiple attempts to open failed, again, just like last time

Are you on Amazon by chance? The update there isn’t yet approved last I saw from @Polaris

Yes using a kindle10 fully updated os

Unfortunately stuck until Amazon approves/rejects/acts on the update then

It is unfortunate that Perble/ Disney don’t value kindle customers enough that they keep ruining their games and fail to respond to helplessness for days on end and Ben offer no compensation or even help getting us back into decent guilds after you are unable to play for weeks at a time.

It’s a fault on Amazon’s end, not PerBlue’s.

PerBlue decides to release the update when it has not been approved by Amazon, so they do bear some responsibility. Though I have seen this with other games, Amazon is just slow compared to Google and Apple.

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