CAN`T Get Past CWE 4

I am just past 80 after 30+ days of play, cant seem to farm mods or discs too well, cwe has typically crushed me by round three but I have once made it through the first node in 5 despite reaching it at least once a week, any advice is awesome! Tried includn screenshots of roster and it said I cant add media…

Hi. In order to pass CW easily, you really should:

  1. Have your heroes have max energy at the start of battles, preferably 15~20 of them, so that they can use their white skills immediately if needed.

  2. Don’t use too many white skills per battle unless you really have to

  3. Switch around your main heroes in the first easy districts so that you can have them ready

  4. Avoid quick fight until the very last battle (15th)

  5. Have a shielder and/or healer ready to make sure your team is at their best condition

Hopefully these are helpful. Good luck


Don’t worry too much about mods this early in the game. They will come with some planning. Stars get you a bigger bump in stats.

CW is your playground because you can experiment over and over. Try new teams. Don’t just use your highest powered. Find synergy. Surprising results come from doing these things.

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You have to think about which enemies are threatening to you. the ones you wanna look out for are ian and cheshire cat since they are overpowered and very threatening so you have to come up with the countermeasures against them. if it’s hard or epic cw, you have to make it a ward dependent because you wanna avoid the negative wards such as SP, and dmg break, disable immunity, slow, shields, and energy gain for support, and control. HP, armor, reality, low heals, basic damage, skill power, and more damage to tanks are ok, but more damage to tanks is optional. What i do suggest is having sulley with woody’s disk to carry full health over and the amount of healing is based on the disk stars, green, and red skill levels followed by improved healing and skill power. The other part is gathering or feeding enough energy across your heroes so you’ll have something ready for the next CW battle. Support, well it depends on how tough your enemies are so usually mickey helps also kermit works. if it’s dispels you need, then tron works, but it only works if his white skill is equal or higher than your opponent’s level. damage, well you wanna use a hero that has high dps like mulan and others such as hamm, ducky & bunny, and wasabi (which is most worked on atm). control, well ian helps, but when you’re using ian, you can use kermit’s white skill to apply the reflect and protect yourself from quick strike heroes like quorra although requires full energy and max skill level to apply the copied buff.

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