Can’t update/play update available but tells me there is

Help, any ideas?
I can’t get past the loading screen, game tells me to update and takes me to the App Store but no update is available :frowning:

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Did you update the game before the servers went down for the update?

No, I don’t think so. My phone automatically updates my apps, so it would have done it by itself.

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Close the app, and then go to the store and check that you’ve installed the updated. If so, try reopening the game - I told your account to redownload the new content.

If that doesn’t work, uninstall the game, and grab a fresh copy from the app store.


So, yes. I’m no expert, but that means it updated too quick and you’ve been locked out.

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Okay I’ll try thank you so much

I have tried all this but when I go into the stall it says no update available. I have even tried re downloading the game. Still the same problem

A mi también me pasa desde la tienda de Galaxy Store, no sale el botón de actualizar

Try searching for “disney heroes battle mode”. Tap on the magnifying glass and find the app with a search, rather than going to the app store directly from the game.

Intenta buscar “modo de batalla de los héroes de Disney”. Toca la lupa y encuentra la aplicación con una búsqueda, en lugar de ir a la tienda de aplicaciones directamente desde el juego.

(Hopefully Google Translate did not mess that up too badly.)

Same issue here, no update in Samsung store 12 hours after update

vpn to help you

Tried using a vpn. Samsung store only shows the previous update

Can confirm - Disney Heroes: Battle Mode - Apps on Galaxy Store shows 4.1.10, not 4.1.11.

Isn’t a Galaxy phone just Android - can’t you get it from the Play Store?

If not then I guess you’d have to wait until it’s propagated through to Galaxy Store

It also happens to me from the Galaxy Store, The Update button doesn’t come out. (Translated from the original)

Both my phone and my tablet are Galaxies, and I get the game through the Google Play store on both. Seems like that would be worth a shot.

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I get my game from Play Store and Amazon and I have a Galaxy phone as well.

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Uninstall galaxy store version and install Google play version

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