Can we finally end quick points in arena and coliseum challenger seasons

Arena and coliseum has become very stale for a while now cause nearly everyone in the higher leagues use the same 5-8 heroes in their lineups,
which makes quick wins almost impossible to do and I feel to make it more fair the quick win aspect should be removed and hopefully that will bring creativity back to arena and coliseum and possibly change up who makes 1 every season by being good at getting points from the rules instead of quick winning
Please @Nugget have the team look into it

When challengers arena:coliseum was created it was a fun new challenge for everyone but now it’s stale and everyone just copies and paste the meta stall team to prevent quick wins so if theirs no quick win points no need for stall teams which in turn makes people use other heroes on their defenses

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Quick fight points are there for a reason: to make sure people at least put up reasonable defences.

If you remove quick fight bonus, people might revert back to having white heroes for there defences, preventing people from getting the bonus points that are available.


Why are you asking questions you don’t understand? it’s been explained a million times already that quick points ruined the coliseum and the arena. there is a burden system when players arrange agreements and get more points than the rest.

First of all, I didn’t ask any questions, I made a comment.

Second, I understand the frustration but was only remarking that a solution of just simply removing the quick fight points is only bringing back old problems that the quick fight bonus was solving.

The perfect version of Arena and coliseum probably doesn’t exist and we have to do with what we have now.


Yes that’s an issue but at same time something has to be done I’d rather face 5 whites over the joy/ian/Zeus/hatter meg teams atleaat in my opinion

No they didn’t you just can’t sxire quick points. Stop complaining it’s fine as it is. Only issue is the disk cheat. Not the quick points

Plenty of ways to score on them if you know what your doing.

As imperfect as it is, I’d rather keep the Quick Win points in place, assuming PerBlue is able and willing to restore the cooldown period for changing disks (and, preferably, for changing mods, though that’s much less important). At the very least, I think it would be easier to modify that system to encourage some diversity in lineups than it would be to modify a system that rewards using a team of five white-rank heroes.

On the other hand, if PerBlue decides for whatever reason to continue to allow players to change disks on their heroes without restriction, I think it would be better to remove the Quick Win points; at least then it would be harder for guilds or other networks of allied players to manipulate the system for personal gain.


The disc cheat is nothing new tbh before they locked discs you could change them whenever you wanted if I recall

The best solution is to lock defense during the week, that’s it

No other solution

Change defense open for 24h before week starts

No you couldn’t it started the timer changed in april

Without quick points you have no scoring mechanism for arena would be pointless and worthless.

No, there are other ways of earning points each season, they’re just dwarfed by the Quick Win points. If those other methods could give as many points as a Quick Win bonus, I think we’d see at least a little more variety in defenses.

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I doubt it to many stall heroes hades gaston kronk Pete joy etc endless possibilities what you gonna do ban them all lol!!!

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