Can we get this improvement as well?

Elite Campaign Changes

Beginning in 5.12, each Elite Campaign node will now have 10 Raid chances, instead of 3. You don’t need to do anything to unlock these. Also, those Cosmetic Bonuses can get you even more, so it’s not capped at 10.’’


or 20 chances :smirk: :star_struck:


More Elite Campaign chances would be a good idea I think as a way for F2Ps and lower spenders to have more of a chance to catch up Hero Chip wise :-). While true that this is maybe ultimately benefit the P2Ws more more than F2Ps, however it would be a well needed boost to F2Ps to help them keep up with Red skill’s Hero Chip costs.

10 chances would be nice, as well to have you only needing to raid 1 spot to clear the Raid Wall objective, so 10 chances per stage would be helpful in that sense.

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@Loutre … if there is chance to make this change with 4.0.

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this would be nice!

That is way too soon to make this kind of change.

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Oh well, then it would be nice in the following weeks if possible, it’s really needed to get more chips.

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