Can we slow down with the level cap increases?


Just about everyone I know, doesn’t want the level cap to keep increasing so often. It’s getting ridiculous to keep up all the time. I have a hard enough time just keeping up an arena team every update let alone a coliseum/guild war team. By the time I get my select few heroes up to par with the current level cap with badges, enhancements, etc. we get another level cap increase and I gotta do it all over again. I mean it’s like every time I come up for air you guys just pull me back down into the water. I would like a chance to breath for a bit, maybe get some of the heroes I left behind caught up as well.

I think everyone agrees, we love having new characters, and you guys are doing a great job getting them out at a solid pace. We also love quality of life updates, or when you give us new content to experience. Also we love it when you implement updates that makes the game easier to continue without paying to win. Now would it really be so hard to just add another 2-3 weeks between each level cap increase? If you don’t stop soon you’re just going to lose players because the fun part of the game is when you are caught up, not when you are struggling to keep up.

Here is a small list to distinguish

New Characters
New Content
QOL Updates
Less Pay to Win MTX

Monthly Level Cap Increases
Making Skills Cost More Gold
Please no 7 Star Heroes at least this year
Way to many Bad Bundles



F2p players have gone far but I’ll agree now the level cap going high will soon just make it a game with numbers

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It has to slow down. The xp you need to level up increases every level, but its not like we would get more stamina per minute and so the xp per day we are able to earn is pretty limited to a fixed amount.
Also the Skills getting more expensive everytime but the port hasnt got any new difficulties (at least here on S16) which would provide more gold, only heist and surge getting some updates, so at least one gold source (the port) falls behind.