㋡ Candace Flynn (Hero Concept)

Candace Flynn

I'll gonna go tell mom, and when she sees, "What are you doing? You are going down! Down, down, down! D-O-W-N! Down!"

Star: :star:
Role: Control :hammer_and_wrench:
Position: Mid
Team:: Red :red_circle:

Candace’s Animation
► Basic Damage: Candace shouting
► Entrance: Candace running on the combat, then she got suspicions.

Victory: Candace dancing


► Defeat: Candace falling down



Charming Girl

Candace charms all enemies, charming and dealing X Fantasic Damage for 6 seconds. This skill ignores Hardy, Tenacity, Evasion or dodge.


You’re Busted!

Candace busts the closest enemy, dealing X Fantasic Damage, silencing and cursing for 10 seconds. Candace can bust once every 7 seconds.


Support Call

Candace calls Stacy for help from her allies, Stacy’s idea is applies Reflect to the 2 closest allies for 7 seconds, including Candace if counted. While Reflected by Candace, the ally gains study.

Reflect has a chance to fail on allies above level X.


Screaming Suprise

When an ally is KOed, Candace screams, dealing all enemies X Fantasic Damage, silencing and distracting for 12 seconds.

This skill now provides Candace with a shield with X HP for 15 seconds.

This skill can happen once 8 seconds.



Candace’s basic attack will now deal a bonus X Fantastic damage to enemies silenced. “You’re Busted!” now Silences and Curses 2 enemies and Heals Candace an extra X HP.

Additional Stat Boosts:

  • +X Basic Damage
  • +X Armor
  • +X Evasion

Battle Badge


:grey_exclamation: Silence is applied to 6 enemies


:green_square: Basic Attack: +X +X
:green_square: Max HP per Red Team Hero: +X +X
:green_square: ▲ Tenacity: +200 Tenacity


  • Eve
    :fast_forward: Alien?
    Secondary Allies: Bolt; Lilo; Megara

+X Basic Attack
Enemies lose X Max HP while they are silenced

:star2: Enemies cursed deal 16/32/48/64/80% less damage.

  • Anna
    :fast_forward: Brave Than
    Secondary Allies: Olaf; Linguini & Remy; Sisu

+X Evasion to Candace and allies
+X Armor
+X Reality

:star2: When Candace shielded, she has 10/20/30/40/50% Disable Length


This is incredibly well thought out! I only have a few small things:

Just so I understand correctly, is this saying that the damage is dealt over time? It’s fine if it does; I just want to make sure I understand the skill correctly.

“Study” is a debuff applied to enemies rather than a buff applied to allies, so this doesn’t quite work. Admittedly, though, I’m not sure how you can rework that while still keeping the original intent of the skill. (Maybe just increasing those allies’ Normal Crit while they have Reflect?)

Is there a reason this text was so tiny? :joy:

Fantastic concept, though! :+1:


Rarely :man_shrugging:t2: , some heroes apply debuffs to allies. Such as Frozone freezes allies below 50%, Voyd making enemy Distract herself and allies,…

So, I also let her participate in applying debuffs to allies…

It is… Deal x2 damage returns more to enemies.

Also, I’ll re-edit a little texts

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Ohhhhh I misunderstood the purpose of that effect, then. Sorry about that.


I love this! Just a little confused about the character’s quote, however.

Is there a pause between Candace saying I’ll “I’m gonna go tell mom, and when she sees,” and “What are you doing?”

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