Cant access disney heroes from Samsung phone or ipad

Please help… ive tried uninstalling restarting and redownllading the games on my ipad and Samsung phone (with high enough update) and each time it just says content update failed…

I could access it fine up until about 10 min ago…

Anyone else having this problem?

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I play on iPad so yes it works for me.

I also tried on ipad… :confused: still doesnt work

It must be because I play on Apple, sorry I couldn’t help.

No worries thank you for trying anyway!

@Polaris I would file an in game ticket but I can’t… its let me in twice but it keeps crashing jve tried on 3 different devices… i can access other accounts but as soon as i try to swap to my main account on server 1 it glitches and says content update failed…

Same not working on my Samsung now either, it says to update but when you go to the play store it’s stuck on waiting to download.

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