Can't find hideout!


At very hard heist we got all the clues, and then we are not been able to find the hideout inside the final small circle with 16 heros searching for it for over 20 mins!! I have a screen capture video also, but can’t upload it here We searched every bit of that circle, but no luck!!
It’s definitely a bug. I have attached the screenshot of the chat history also, check how much time we were searching for hideout.


Holy smokes…sorry for you mate!


I once got stuck in a VHH on my own, got all the clues, had 1 toon guard the last gem, and 3 wait with him for the constant thief fights, then sent the other around the circle… Low and behold, he got ambushed, so I had to send 1 of the other 3, leaving my thief fights less protected… I eventually (after 25 minutes) found the hideout JUST outside the circle, and beat it with 3 toons before the one guarding the gem counted out against the thief…

Was my most annoying but also exciting Heist…


XD wow you sound like a heist pro now! :upside_down_face:


Did you happen to look under yax or jj? Gems will hide the spot occasionally