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Still hearing responses that state that the cap raises aren’t going to change badges aren’t going to get cheaper this is crazy the latest was that more people quit the game when the cap raises were 5 to 6 weeks who were these people cause most of the people that pay to keep this game alive agree that the cap raises are to close together I know many of the top players that quit for this reason it’s ruining the game


First, last cap raise was 3 weeks difference so the 4 week thing was a lie.

The cap raises themselves arent a big deal, its the gear that comes with it. 5000 stamina or m9rr for one piece of gear meana a f2p player spends the whole time between cap raises gearing up 1 character.


Extend cap raise or we will all quit!!!


Couldn’t agree more @Big_samba_1123! I’m on that quit bubble right now. I don’t mind spending $20/month or so on the game. That used to be enough to keep my war defense updated and a little extra to bring up a new toon before the next cap raise. Now I’m lucky to even get my war defense updated before the next cap raise let alone woke on any new toons. Whales are always going to be on the cutting edge and be the first to level up and gear up toons after an update but even they are starting to drop off due to the stamina costs of these higher level badges. I think if the cap raises were less frequent then badges that cost 10-15k stamina wouldn’t be so bad because it would give time to work on them but as it stands it’s getting to be too much.


It’s pretty impossible to keep up anymore with the cap raises and all of the new heroes dropping. The only person I know that loves cap raises is @Dopey480 from Castle and I’m pretty sure she just escaped from the looney bin.


The June cap raise was in update 2.1, released June 23. The July cap raise was in update 2.1.11, released July 21. Still four weeks apart.

Agreed the cap raises are hands down driving people away I’ve lost track of how many tickets I’ve submitted only to be told we’re looking into it or we have things coming in future updates that will help. I personally feel like it’s just a PR stunt at this point to try and slow the Exodus I’d rather them be honest and just say our business strategy is to milk the game dry vs pretending it’s what players want.


Server 1 is losing people at an alarming rate. I don’t know anyone who has ever complained about being bored and wishing the updates were faster. All I hear is frustration everytime the cap is raised, how people feel they are falling further and further behind, how they are considering quitting. Every cap raise top players AKA people who spend a lot of money quit. The grind and ridiculous badge requirements … It is almost like PB wants us all to quit.


They claim it’s important to the “health” of the game, yet I’ve not met a single player who’s left due to lack of cap increases. It’s been very much the opposite.

I’ve personally invested hundreds of dollars into this game, and barely broke the Red tier. Raising cap levels and tiers should suggest that they are achievable in a reasonable fashion. Meaning they are ACTUALLY achievable. Suggesting the level increases will persist as long a people are willing to spend to achieve them is the problem. The true way this stops is when people are no longer able to keep up and that point is coming for a lot of players.

New players don’t even have a prayer to catch up. That is my major issue. Considering the resources I’ve sunk into this game from day 1 to get where I am, I cannot fathom a new player getting competitive.

This doesn’t bode well for the future of this game.


It even makes no sense to merge servers at this time of the game state :sweat_smile::rofl: new servers won’t work with that ideal acting as well.
Omg give us stackable deals back. Nobody complained about them rather than you saying we could milk more money if we remove that feature :man_facepalming:t2:

Since that move it started to become more and more awful the higher the cap has raised by now fmpov.

Guess i was wrong. Ok, they’re still too frequent and PB still doesn’t care.

I’m on server 14 and our max levels were raised to 170 and Red+7 with the last increase. I’m an active player and I’m just now about to hit 170, which I can live with.

The rank increases are the biggest problem, and I’m falling farther behind with every update. I have three heroes at R6, four at R5, half a dozen at R4, another eight or nine between R0 and R2, and the rest are orange or below (with the large majority of my oranges sitting betwen O0 and O2). With the stamina and gold cost of badges, I doubt I’ll even get one of my heroes to R7 by the time the cap is raised to R8.

Personally I think if we had the level increases as they are currently (3-4 weeks), but a rank increase every other major update (6-8 weeks), that would be challenging enough to keep people interested, but still feasible.

20 dollars would do that for you that is nice … on s21 20 bucks gets you one piece of red gear on the lower end

Not bad ideas EmpressMinnie :-).

I think an idea could be to have rank increases every other update after the new color comes as that should give players the time they need more so to actually keep up and keep their lineup more healthy :-).
I am not sure if the level cap increases should be every 3 weeks since right now in my experience it takes about 4 weeks or so, or at least having the level cap raise every 3 week could result in that players fall more behind level wise.

At the very least reducing the amount of badge bits needed per badge would be good I think, especially for the Purple and Orange badges as they aren’t the current main badge rank anymore and as such should have their badge bit amount reduced.

Although, recommend posting your comment here so it stays relevant longer :-).

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