Captain Amelia Friendship

Does captain Amelia’s hook friendship disk also affect heroes who’s blue skills do not deal damage? Gonzo for example, who’s blue skill gives him shields.

0 damage times X = 0

So no. It won’t work.

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IMO, Amilea’s Hook disk should affect non damaging blue skills. For example maybe it grants Li Shang more Reality or Olaf and Sally HP.

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The purpose of the disk is the increase damage, not variables. And no, it shouldn’t be that way. Joy’s shields would be broken, Shang’s reality as well, and enemies shrunk by Ian will practically reach 0 HP.

Also, what about Anger?

It can more than double the damage of all blue skills on a team… why should buff it? :man_shrugging:

Wonder if Lilo is her second friendship🤔

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