Captain Hook skill bug!

I think his green skill has extra damage reduction effect and his blue skill does not remove anything!!!

pls watch the following vids:

In this vid, he cannot remove Timon green skill, although their levers are below 110

This vid shows he can reduce damage with his green skill and cannot remove Mickey’s white skill

so pls check !!! @Polaris

It doesn’t. It only saps more enemies

It only moves common buffs like attack speed increase, skill power increase, etc. Not T&P’s Hakuna Matata

Yes he can

Anh nope he does not remove anything !

The first one is only the sapping effect, the second I agree with

There is a problem with Captain Hook’s red skill that is affecting his armor and making it calculate incorrectly. It’s too high and we’re investigating.

His red skill is working correctly, but there’s a mistake in the text description. It says ““Map Study” also removes all active buffs from enemies.” That part of the skill was removed during the development process, but the text wasn’t edited out of the description. We’re working to update the text.


We just pushed out a fix for the red skill - posted here with the changes.


So… Server update or app update?

Neither one! We were able to make the changes with just a stats push and it’s already in the game.


Down from 150k BD remove to 2k?

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Thank god. It was obviously broken before.

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Really really captain hook bugged and u fix it asap!!! But randall Boggs is beyond bugged!!! His skill hits ALLLLLL heroes on ur team when it should only hit 1 let alone everything else wrong with him he is not a glass cannon he is a Titanium Tank more like it, wow I’m am done with this game after this seriously bye!!! I’ll save my hundreds a months I spend, and u can check my account to verify THAT!!! @Polaris

Polaris already explained that it should hit multiple enemies

but all? from front and behind him?

Yes. The skill has an AOE

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