Captain of the French Guard


“You fight almost as well as a man”

Phoebus is a front-line tank hero

Trial Team: Yellow

Stars: :star::star::star:


Entrance: Phoebus walks into the battlefield (until B0+)

Victory: Phoebus crosses his arms and smiles

K.O.: Phoebus takes a knee

Basic Attack: Phoebus hits an enemy with his sword, dealing Y damage.

This is how his sword looks like:


White Skill: Too Buff
Phoebus raises his fist in the air, increasing all allies’ attack speed by 100%, granting them Y skill power, and healing them for Y HP per second all for 6 seconds

Green Skill: Quite a Charm
Phoebus smiles at an enemy, charming them for 6 seconds

Charm may fail against enemies above level Z

Blue Skill: First Slam
:fist: Normal Damage
At the beginning of every wave, Phoebus runs into the frontmost enemy, dealing Y damage and pushing them all the way to the back, reducing their armor by Y

Purple Skill: Refusal
Phoebus can’t be charmed

Whenever an enemy attempts to charm him, they are immediately stunned for 3 seconds

Stun may fail against enemies above level Z

Red Skill: Manly Fight
Whenever Phoebus damages an enemy, Phoebus gains Z basic damage

This effect is reduced against enemies above level Z

Additional Stat Boosts:
+Z Max HP
+Z Armor
+X damage with “First Slam”

X = Skill Power; Y = Basic Damage; Z = Level Cap


Phoebus - Moana
Star Map
More Buff
Allies: Genie, Maui, Miguel

  • +X Armor
  • +X Skill Power
  • The effects of “Too Buff” last 1 more second

Phoebus - Mickey
Chocolate Box
Basic Attacks do More Damage
Allies: Hades, Goofy, Felix

  • +X Basic Damage
  • Phoebus’s Basic Attacks deal 10% more damage for every 10% HP Phoebus is missing

Hope you liked it!


So, about his purple…why is it the only one with no upgrade?

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What do you mean @Soulkeeper_David?

It could be like Flynn’s Purple Skill:

Purple Skill, “Refusal” - Phoebus is now immune to Charms and gives the Team X Skill Power

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Thx for the advice. I might change it up a bit since I don’t want it to be the same…

Update: Whenever an enemy attempts to charm Phoebus, they are stunned

Can it be:

Phoebus is now immune to Charms put by enemies below level X. Any attempts of Charming him will immediately stun the Charmer.


More swords more! Gonna have a medival game soon

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Dear @Hades_IX,

(twitches eye)


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How about:
Immune to charms. Any hero that charms him will be stunned for 6 seconds instead.
Reduced stun duration against enemies above level.

Or just have the stun have a chance to last for 1.5 seconds when applied against enemies above level.


You guys are wanting to make him less OP. The answer is no. Some heroes stun/charm without fail, no matter the level. Like Nick Wilde and Hiro Hamada.

Sans you if really hate your enemy hades why not switch his normal to ignored you cant see what is he saying or mute him how to stop him well look at this Muteing users this is how to stop your enemy or your hated enemy hades

We are giving suggestions because he’d be too broken, i.e. full immunity to Charms

Uh huh and what about Miguel?

First you guys say “make it more powerful” and now you are saying “no make him weaker”

He doesn’t even deal damage.

One word, balance. I’m pretty sure if Phoebus gets added in the game and his Purple Skill is like that, P2P will Grind his Chips quickly while F2P won’t, most likely asking for a nerf.

Ok ok then you win

Stunned for 3 seconds are you happy?

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