CaptainAmerica02's Concepts in "Patch Notes Style"

Star-Lord is a back-line “Damage” character.
Star-Lord will be available in Elite Campaign.


Power Of The Stone
Star-Lord uses the power stone and hits all of his enemies with purple lightnings dealing damage.

Handrom Enforcer
Star-Lord shoots a bullet of his handrom enforcer to the closest enemy, dealing damage.

The Gravity Of The Situation
Star-Lord throws his gravity mine to his enemies slowing them down.

Once in every battle, Star-Lord uses his cosmic power increasing his attacks power and gaining shield.

Guardian Of The Galaxy (Server 1 only)
At the start of every wave, Star-Lord flies with his jet boots among his enemies decreasing their enemies move and attack speed and increasing his team’s move and attack speed.


  • Star-Lord and Ant-Man
  • Star-Lord and Quorra

Groot is a front-line, “Tank” character.
Groot will be available as Month’s Sign-In Hero.


Groot stretches his arms and hits all his opponents dealing damage.

Groot releases a wave of bioluminescent seeds blinding his opponents.

Regenarative Healing Factor
Every 5 basic attacks, Groot heals himself.

Marching Branch
At the start of every battle, Groot gains a branch shield for himself.


  • Groot and Star-Lord
  • Groot and The Beast


Spider-Man is a mid-line, “Damage” character.
Spider-Man will be available in VIP Crate in servers 1-XX.


Spider-Man swings among his enemies dealing damage.

Like The Spider
Spider-Man uses his spider feet and hits the closest enemy dealing damage and stunning him

Instant Kill
Spider-Man uses the instant kill mode of his suit increasing his allies armor, speed and reality.

Spider Sense
Spider-Man has a percent possibility to avoid attacks.

E.D.I.T.H. (Server 1 only)
Whenever Spider-Man uses “Swing” studies one of his enemies.


  • Spider-Man and Captain America
  • Spider-Man and Violet


Belle is a back-line “Support” character.
Belle will be available in VIP Crate in Servers 1-XX


Belle takes a book of her basket and reads it healing herself.

Beauty’s Horse
Belle calls her horse, Phillipe, and Phillipe passes among her enemies knocking them back and stunning them.

Little Magic Mirror
Belle shows the Beast to her enemies through the magic mirror, blinding them with the mirror’s light.

The Beauty Within
Every time Belle uses her “Bibliophile” skill, heals the weakest allie in her team too.


  • Belle and The Beast
  • Belle and Alice

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Anna is back-line “Control” character.
Anna will be available in VIP Crate in servers 1-XX.


For The First Time In Forever
Anna makes a twist increasing her allies attack speed.

Do You Want To Build A Snowman
Anna builds a snowman charming her enemies.

An Act Of True Love
Anna becomes a frozen statue and turns imiddiately back to human shielding the weakest allie.

The Sky’s Awake
At the start of every battle, Anna heals her allies for HP per second and increases their reality.


  • Anna and Elsa
  • Anna and Lilo

Kristoff & Sven

Kristoff and Sven is a front-line “Tank” pair.
Kristoff and Sven will be available in Diamond Crate in servers 1-XX.


Loyal Reindeer
Kristoff rides Sven among his enemies dealing damage and knocking them back.

Love Experts Friends
Kristoff whistles and calls two rock trolls which pass among the enemies once stunning them.

Sharing Is Caring
Kristoff and Sven share a carrot healing themselves.

Fixer Upper
Once per wave, when Kristoff or one of his allies reaches 0 HP, a rock troll bounces around him reviving him and increasing his attack speed.

Reindeers Are Better Than People (Server 1 only)
Kristoff & Sven’s attacks deal extra damage to stunned enemies.


  • Kristoff & Sven and Anna
  • Kristoff & Sven and Finnick

Red Skill needs “(Server 1 Only)”

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Marshmallow is a front-line “Tank” character.
Marshmallow will be available as Month’s Sign-In Hero in servers 1-XX.


Roaring Snow
Marshmallow roars to his enemies dealing damage.

Frozen Armor
Every six attacks, Marshmallow grows frozen spikes in his back shielding himself.

Blizzard Breath
Marshmallow releases a blizzard breath to his enemies, knocking them back and dealing damage.

Snow’s Strength
Every three basic attacks, Marshmallow stuns one of his enemies with his next basic attack.


  • Marshmallow and Olaf
  • Marshmallow and Anger

Clara Stahlbaum

Clara Stahlbaum is a front-line “Damage” character.
Clara Stahlbaum will be available in VIP Crate in servers 1-XX.


The Queen Of The Realms
Clara points her enemies with her sword and calls her soldiers and they pass the enemies knocking them back and dealing damage.

Mother’s Key
Clara takes the golden egg in her hands and opens it with her key increasing her reality and her attack speed.

Mechanical Mastermind
Clara takes out a music box, fixes it and throws it in the closest enemy dealing damage.

The Last Dance
When Clara reaches 0 HP, her allies gain shield and increases their attack speed.

In order to use this skill, there has to be at least one hero alive in Clara’s team.


  • Clara Stahlbaum and Bambi
  • Clara Stahlbaum and Moana
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Mother Ginger

Mother Ginger is a front-line “Tank” character.
Mother Ginger will be available in Diamond Crate in servers 1-XX.


Toy Mother
Mother Ginger calls her giant Mother Ginger robot that passes through her enemies dealing damage and knocking them back.

The Mouse King
Mother Ginger calls a massive wave of mouses that pass through her enemies slowing them down.

Polichinelles Jokes
Mother Ginger’s Polichinelles clowns pass through her enemies stunning them.

The Land Of Amusement
Whenever Mother Ginger knocks out an enemy her team’s speed is increased.


  • Mother Ginger and Clara Stahlbaum
  • Mother Ginger and Dumbo & Timothy Mouse

The Sugar Plum Fairy

The Sugar Plum Fairy is a back-line “Control” character.
The Sugar Plum Fairy will be available as Month’s Sign-In Hero in servers 1-XX.


A Proper Army
The Sugar Plum Fairy calls her tin soldiers and they pass through her enemies dealing damage and slowing them down.

Ballet Lover
The Sugar Plum Fairy makes a ballet twist in the air charming two random enemies.

Flapping Wings
The Sugar Plum Fairy flapps her wings creating a massive wave of air, dealing damage to the front-line enemies and knocking them back.

Sweet But Evil
Once in every battle, when the Sugar Plum Fairy reaches 0 HP, she uses the Machine to turn the strongest enemy in a toy, stealing his energy for as long as he remains a toy.


  • The Sugar Plum Fairy and Vanellope
  • The Sugar Plum Fairy and Peter Pan


Cinderella is a back-line “Support” character.
Cinderella will be available in the Diamond Crate.


Royal Ball Night
Cinderella’s outilfit changes to her blue dress healing herself.

Cinderella stays in her blue dress for the next three attacks.

The Glass Slipper
While Cinderella is in her maiden outfit, she takes off the glass slipper from her pocket and shows it to her enemies. While she is in her princess outfit, she shows the glass slippers in her feet. Both moves, charm the enemies.

Bubbles And Bubbles
A bubble appears around Cinderella and she looks herself at it, increasing her team’s attack speed.

Midnight Escape
Every 12 attacks, once in every battle Cinderella gains shield for herself.

A Dream Is A Wish Your Heart Makes (Server 1 only)
Every 5 attacks, Cinderella increases her team’s reality and attack speed.


  • Cinderella and Scarlet Witch
  • Cinderella and Alice

Lady Tremaine

Lady Tremaine is a front-line, “Control” character.
Lady Tremaine will be available as Month’s Sign-In Hero.


Evil Step-mother
Lady Tremaine hits her cane to the ground dealing damage to her enemies and cursing them.

Lady Tremaine gets mad and stares intense at her enemies scaring them.

Lady Tremaine raise her cane and increases her team’s attack speed.

Creepy Lady
Every 6 attacks, Lucifer goes around Lady Tremaine healing her.

The Bargain (Server 1 only)
Whenever Lady Tremaine curses or scares an enemy, she steals HP from him and gives it to the weakest person in her team.


  • Lady Tremaine and The Queen of Hearts
  • Lady Tremaine and Hades
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Anastasia & Drizella
Anastasia & Drizella is a mid-line, “Tank” pair.
Anastasia & Drizella will be available in Elite Campaign


Music Lesson
Anastasia plays her flute and Drizella sings dealing damage to their enemies.

Little Thiefs
Anastasia & Drizella scratch the closest enemy with their nails stealing HP from him.

The Next Ladies
Anastasia & Drizella bow to their enemies disabling all their buffs.

Sweet Nightingale
“Music lesson” stuns enemies.

Evil Sisters (Server 1 only)
Every 5 attacks, Anastasia & Drizella gain shield for themselves.


  • Anastasia & Drizella and Lady Tremaine
  • Anastasia & Drizella and The Sugar Plum Fairy
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Fairy Godmother
Fairy Godmother is a back-line, “Support” character.
Fairy Godmother will be available in VIP Crate in Servers 1-XX.


Bibidi Bobidi Boo
Fairy Godmother shoots magic in the air, healing the whole team.

Pumpkins At Midnight
Fairy Godmother points her wand to her enemies and a pumpkin carriage pass through her enemies knocking them back and slowing them down.

Keep On Hoping
Fairy Godmother raises her wand shooting stars in the sky increasing her team’s attack speed.

Always With You
At the start of every battle, Fairy Godmother chooses an enemy to connect. When Fairy Godmother reaches 0 HP, this enemy becomes charmed.

A Good Fairy (Server 1 only)
Every healing grants extra HP.


  • Fairy Godmother and Cinderella
  • Fairy Godmother and Mary Poppins
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