CaptainAmerica02's Concepts in "Patch Notes Style"

Hello to everyone. As some of you may now, I have a list with my concepts, as many of the forumers also have. I thought about making my concepts in " Patch Notes Style" based on this list. Simplified, less details, better imagine how it would be for these characters to come in the game… So here’s the first concept…



Ant-Man is a front-line, “Damage” character.
Ant-Man will be available as Month’s Sign-In Hero.


Into the Hive
Ant-Man uses his insect-manipulation powers to call a massive wave of ants that passes all the enemies, knocking them back and dealing damage.

Pym Particle Disc
Ant-Man throws a red particle disk in the closest opponent shrinking him and dealing damage per second, for as long as he remains shrinked.

Huge Target
Ant-Man becomes huge and hits his feet to the ground dealing damage to the front line opponents and bugs one of them. Whenever Ant-Man and his allies hit a bugged enemy, they steal HP from him.

Ant’s Strength
All Ant-Man’s attacks deal extra damage.

A Hero’s Size
Once in every wave, Ant-Man becomes small. His attack and move speed are decreased and his attacks cause half the damage but his allies’ attack and move speed are increased and their attacks cause double damage, for as long as Ant-Man remains small.


  • Ant-Man and Joy
  • Ant-Man and Alice

In the list above you can check my original concepts. Please, give it a :heart: if you like the idea. I will try to upload very often my concepts in Patch notes style.



Bambi is a mid-line, “Support” character.
Bambi will be available in the VIP Crate.


A butterfly flies over Bambi, healing him.

Birds, Birds, Birds
A flock of blue, little birds fly all over Bambi’s allies healing them.

Icy Fun
Bambi hits his front legs to the ground and creates ice under one of his enemies, freezing him.

The Prince of the Forest
At the start of every battle, Bambi’s father pass through Bambi and his team jumping, shielding them.


  • Bambi and Bo Peep
  • Bambi and Judy Hopps

is for disney? Or non disney?

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Disney including Marvel…

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Honey Lemon

Honey Lemon is a back-line, “Control” character.
Honey Lemon will be available in Elite Campaign.


That’s a Chemical Reaction
Honey Lemon throws a red chem-ball in the middle of her enemies that explodes dealing damage.

Don’t Rush
Honey Lemon throws a yellow chem-ball with hardening foam to the closest enemy, slowing him down.

Chill Out
Honey Lemon throws a blue chem-ball to the front line enemies, freezing them.

At the start of every battle, Honey Lemon throws a purple chem-ball to herself turning invisible.

Chemistry of the Things (Server 1 only)
Every 5 moves, Honey Lemon takes a chemball and gets ready to throw it but it explodes in her hand, releasing a colorful smoke, healing herself.


  • Honey Lemon and The Mad Hatter
  • Honey Lemon and Violet

Go Go Tomago
Go Go Tomago is a front-line, “Damage” character.
Go Go Tomago will be available in the Diamond Crate.


Fast Enough
Go Go runs across the battlefield and hits the enemies with her maglev discs dealing damage.

Maglev Tackle
Go Go tackles the closest enemy stunning him and dealing damage.

Throw the Disc
Go Go sends one of her maglev discs among her enemies knocking them back and dealing damage.

Quick Heal
“Maglev Tackle” and “Throw the Disc” heal Go Go.

Do It Quick
Every Go Go’s attacks deal extra damage.


  • Go Go Tomago and Honey Lemon
  • Go Go Tomago and Dash

Ant man is now real Skills after watched foto

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Wasabi is a front-line, “Damage” character.
Wasabi will be available in Elite Campaign.


Blade Fusion
Wasabi moves his plasma blades fast up and down dealing damage to the closest enemies.

Plasma Uppercut
Wasabi hits the closest enemy with an uppercut with his plasma blades dealing damage.

Plasma Shield
Wasabi increases his skill power and gains a plasma ray shield for himself and his allies.

Everything’s in Place
Whenever an enemy attacks to someone shielded by Wasabi, he takes damage.

Hero’s Power
Every Wasabi’s damage move deals extra damage.


  • Wasabi and Fred
  • Wasabi and Collette

Fred is a front-line, “Tank” character.
Fred will be available as Month’s Sign-In Hero.


Fire Breath
Fred uses his fire breath to shoot a fireball to his enemies dealing damage per second.

Kicking Monster
Fred kicks the closest enemy knocking him back and dealing damage.

Hot Staff
Whenever Fred uses ‘Fire Breath’, gains a shield and increases the reality by X% for himself or one of his allies for 8.0 seconds

At the start of every wave, Fred generates a cloud of smoke, making himself invisible.

The School Mascot
Whenever Fred uses “Kicking Monster”, his enemies’ reality is decreased.


  • Fred and Gonzo
  • Fred and Darkwing Duck

Dumbo & Timothy Mouse

Dumbo & Timothy Mouse is a front-line, “Tank” pair.
Dumbo & Timothy Mouse will be available as Month’s Sign-In Hero.


When I See An Elephant Fly
Dumbo flies once among his enemied, knocking them back and dealing damage.

Scary Little Mouse
Dumbo straights his trunk and Timothy goes closer scaring his enemies.

Pink Elephants
A pink elephant passes among Dumbo and his team healing them.

Magic Feather
At the start of every wave, Dumbo flies once among his enemies slowing them down.

The Elephant Around (Server 1 only)
“Pink elephants” increase the team’s attack and move speed.


  • Dumbo & Timothy and Bambi
  • Dumbo & Timothy and Alice


Shego is a back-line, “Control” Character.
Shego will be available in VIP Crate.


Shego generates her green energy and shoots a green fireball to her enemies dealing damage.

Energy Tied-up
Shego uses her energy to tie an enemy for X seconds stealing from him HP per second.

Whipped Out
Shego creates a green energy whip and uses it to knock the closest enemy back and stunning him.

Clean Energy
Once in every battle, when Shego reaches 0 HP uses her energy and fully revives and shielding herself.


  • Shego and Vanellope
  • Shego and Yzma
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Mary Poppins

Mary is a mid-line, “Support” character.
Mary Poppins will be available in Diamond Crate in servers 1-XX


Imagine That!
Mary Poppins opens her umbrella healing all her allies.

Trip A Little Light Fantastic
Mary Poppins opens her umbrella and a light blinds her opponents.

The Royal Dulton Music Hall
Mary Poppins dances in a purple dress increasing her teams’ attack speed.

One Way To Go: Up
Mary Poppins’ “Trip a little light fantastic” deals damage per second to the stunned opponents, for as long as they are stunned.


  • Mary Poppins and Vanellope
  • Mary Poppins and Elastigirl

Cruella De Vil
Cruella De Vil is a back-line, “Control” character.
Cruella De Vil will be available in VIP Crate.


Fur Worship
Active: Cruella blows a cloud of smoke to the enemy with the most energy, stealing X% of the energy from the enemy and giving the energy to the weakest ally.
Passive: Cruella hugs her fur, healing herself by X HP.

Smoky Road
Cruella blows a cloud of smoke to her enemies, blinding them.

Hell Hall Mansion
A flock of bat’s fly among Cruella’s enemies, scaring them or silencing them.

Outta My Way
At the start of every wave, Cruella drives her car among her enemies, knocking them back and stunning them.

Black And White
Whenever Cruella heals herself, she gains shield for herself.


  • Cruella De Vil and Ursula
  • Cruella De Vil and The Queen of Hearts


Angelica is a front-line, “Control” character.
Angelica will be available in Elite Campaign.


Zombies Army
Angelica calls her zombie crew and they pass among her enemies, knocking them back, stunning them and dealing damage per second.

Ships In Bottles
Angelica throws a bottled ship among her enemies, slowing them down.

Daughter Of Blackbeard
Angelica takes off a voodoo doll and shakes it to the closest enemy, charming him.

Chalices Of Caragena
At the start of every wave, Angelica throws the first chalice to the strongest enemy leaving him chaliced. In case Angelica reaches 0 HP, she drinks from the other chalice and steals from the chaliced enemy the energy she needs to revive with half of her energy.


  • Angelica and Captain Hector Barbossa
  • Angelica and Ursula

Lilo Pelekai

Lilo Pelekai is a midline, “Support” character.
Lilo Pelekai will be available in Elite Campaign.


Peanutbutter Sandwich
Lilo throws a peanutbutter sandwich on air, healing herself and her allies.

Let’s Dance
Lilo dances hula increasing her team’s move and attack speed.

Lilo takes her camera and takes a picture of her enemies blinding them.

Hail For The King
Whenever Lilo uses her “Let’s Dance” skill, gains shield.

Little Scary Doll (Server 1 only)
Every third basic attack scares enemies as well.


  • Lilo and Stitch
  • Lilo and Bambi

Captain America

Captain America is a front-line “Tank” character.
Captain America will be available in the VIP Crate.


Shield Thrown
Captain America throws his shield among his enemies, knocking them back, stunning them and dealing damage per second.

Shield Hit
Captain America hits the closest enemy with his shield, dealing damage.

I Don’t Like Bullies
Captain America raises his shield, healing the weakest ally.

All Day!
Whenever Captain America uses “Shield Hit”, gains shield for himself.

America’s Hero
Every time Captain America is healed, he gains invincibility.


  • Captain America and Hercules
  • Captain America and Mr. Incredible

Scarlet Witch
Scarlet Witch is a mid-line “Control” character.
Scarlet Witch will be available as Month’s Sign-In Hero.


Scarlet Witch unleashes a wave of red psionic energy to her enemies, dealing damage and cursing them.

Creating Diversion
Scarlet Witch uses her tilecinetic powers to throw a car to the back-line enemies, stunning them.

Mind Control
Scarlet Witch uses her mind control powers charming her enemies.

Every three attacks, Scarlet Witch uses her psionic powers healing herself and gaining shield for herself or the weakest allie.

Known Witch (Server 1 only)
Every Scarlet Witch’s attack deal extra damage.


  • Scarlet Witch and Merlin
  • Scarlet Witch and Captain America

Captain Marvel
Captain Marvel is a front-line “Tank” character.
Captain Marvel will be available in the Diamond Crate.


She’s A Marvel
Captain Marvel’s suit, hair and eyes glow and releases a strong wave of photon energy to her enemies knocking them back and dealing damage.

The Translator
Captain Marvel uses her translator charming an enemy.

Photon Heal
Every 5 moves, Captain Marvel glows for a second healing herself and gaining shield.

Set It Free
When Captain Marvel reaches 0 HP, glows with her photon energy reviving, blinding her enemies and increasing her allies’ reality.

Protector Of Worlds
At the start of every wave, Captain Marvel grants shield to every team member and increases their attack and movement speed.


  • Captain Marvel and EVE
  • Captain Marvel and Buzz Lightyear
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