“capybara”... Say what!?

What the hey diddle diddle?!? I don’t understand the “capy​bara” part of the tutorial. Is it that you can’t do it on mobile? So frustrating!

Can you provide a screenshot or anything that can help us understand what’s the issue?..

Can you help me with that part?

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Still cant figure out how to search for this capy thingy. Can somebody please help.

Click the search button (shown below)
Project Capture (12)~2
And type capybara

It will show you where it is

Hope that helps

This does not work done it several times

Capybara is kind of animel from the rodents faimly weird its mentioned in the text

Not that “capybara”…

They meant the capybara in Discobot’s tutorial

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Why is this hard on mobile

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