"Cars" is confirmed, but not on DHBM, and here's how

To anyone who’s SERIOUSLY in to wanting Cars to DHBM, well…why don’t you take a look for yourselves.

It’s NEVER gonna be on DHBM, but on “Rocket League” instead. Now you guys know! >:)


The title to this post is very misleading… How about you just say he’s coming to rocket League?


Posting about other games isn’t wrong. Not in this category.

Title could use a change tho…


To show everyone who is going on and on about Cars on DHBM, that they ain’t comin’! Also, I like to play with their psyche! :wink:

Yeah, you right. Lemme just edit it a little bit…

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Well, this is just unnecessary. Besides, the clamoring for Cars seems to have died down pretty noticeably in recent times.


We got Toy Story fall guys collab, and now cars and rocket league? We need more Pixar collabs, like buzz Lightyear in Fortnite.

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