Carter Locke (The Magic Misfits, 2017-2021)

Carter Locke (The Magic Misfits, 2017-2021)

Description: This young magician can trick opponents into shreds and control the battlefield.

Stars: :sparkles:

Trial Team: Red

Role: Control

Position: Back

Sex: Male

“It’s not Magic, it’s a trick.”

Basic Animations:

Entrance: Carter will walk in while shuffling a deck of cards

Basic Attack: Carter will pull up a ace of spades stunning the closest opponent for 4 seconds and adding 1 stack of hardy.

Carter can do this once every 6 seconds.

Victory: Carter will bow

Defeat: Carter will fall backwards with his cards falling out of his hand.


White Skill: Sleigh of Hand (Carter will block an opponents attack using sleigh of hand.

It will also slow down an opponent by x2 for 5 seconds.)

Green Skill: The Magic Man (Carter will put a cover over him reappearing 2 seconds later on the enemy team stunning the mid opponent(s) for 5 seconds.)

Blue Skill: Baton Bash :sparkles: (Carter will shoot stars out of a magic wand dealing 7556 fantastic damage.)

Purple Skill: Lesson of Trickery (The Magic Man will now stun opponents for 11 seconds.)

Red Skill: Master of Mischief :sparkles: (Sleigh of Hand will now stun opponents for 11 seconds and Baton Bash will dealing 17550 fantastic damage.

Additional Stat Boosts:

+103789 Max HP

+200006 Max HP.)

Friendship Campaigns:

Carter Locke and Merlin

“Wizard Duel Training”

Merlin teaches Carter about Wizard dueling.

Allies: Genie, Mickey Mouse, and Dr. Facilier

Stat Boosts:

+103780 damage from Baton Bash

Carter Locke and Buzz Lightyear

“To Infinity… If Possible”

Buzz tries to help Carter with his doubts about everything.

Allies: Carl, Mike Wasowski, and Minnie M…

Stat Boosts:

Sleigh of Hand stun time increased to 13 seconds

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