Change the war matchmaking

This is what we can find in the support/info section.

“When a guild queues for war, the game matches the guild against other guilds with the same season rank. If there are multiple guilds queued with the same season rank, the game tries to find a guild with a similar MMR. Your guild’s MMR goes up and down every time your guild wins or loses a war. Your final MMR from the previous season carries over to the next season.”

So, when they say season rank, that refers to last season(month) result I guess.

I believe that it will be better to make matchmaking based on the current rank of each guild. And then find a similar MMR.

Which means that gold rank should fight a gold rank.

Since it’s not possible or logical to depend on each guild’s power, maybe that way we can make the wars more interesting.

Right now each guild is facing another with 2 ranks difference and makes it impossible for everyone to have fair fights.

Of course this way, it will be almost impossible for some guilds to proceed through the ladder, so we can adjust the rewards and make them better.

If you are unlucky you will get stuck in a low rank, but on the other hand, when every guild stronger than yours will get in a higher rank, even if you have higher mmr but less power, you won’t fight them, and have a chance to proceed as well.

so. Find an opponent of similar mmr from your current rank might make things more interesting.

Server 22, level 118.

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