Change to Challenger Season schedule - July 15

They are throwing out ideas/suggestions for who was teased:


Wow que increíble

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Welcome to the forums. Also is that comment you made about my post or in general?

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The new exclusive hero is Jumba!!!

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A New season?! there’s already been updates and we’ve been expecting to have Kim Possible in the game and in fact there are more hero’s that been on the upcoming list for months and they haven’t made it and whenever new hero’s make the upcoming list they end up making it in the game like now y’all got to start adding characters that been on the upcoming list for a long time.

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Next Friday my birthday and I gotta watch for patch notes


Eu quero 100 Rezendes novo personagem REI LOUIE por fevor 100 Rezendes novo personagem REI LOUIE por fevor

Ok sir ok sir

Patience little padawan…it will be revealed sooner than u think

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@Polaris, the time remaining does not show 2 days added to the week. (I’m on Server 1)

It should be added later today.

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I saw it during the weekend. Then suddenly, it disappeared

They said earlier it’s gonna be Jumba from Stitch. Why are you all guessing?

What are you even talking about?

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Me? I’m saying that I saw the extended duration a few days ago through the week. But then I don’t see the extra 2 days applied afterwards (In other words, the remaining duration of the week was back to normal)

One of my guild members succeeded in the Challenge , but she got no bonus/reward. Please help her.

We’re they in challengers before the new style? You only get this reward once

No, not you. I was talking to GrimmReaper

Oic. :sweat_smile:. Haha…

Hopefully I will get the new exclusive hero. Hopefully I won’t get my hopes up!

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